Welcome to the Happy Greys Social Club!

Welcome to the Happy Greys Social Club site. It’s all about greyhounds, their Staff and having fun together. To navigate this site, please click on the left icon in the black bar above my logo.

Hello, friends. My name is Mouse, and I am a greyhound. I retired from racing a few years ago, and was lucky enough to come under the care of GAP Queensland (the Greyhound Adoption Program). They placed me with Mum and Dad, aka The Staff, and I have been happily living the life of Riley since then in Mackay, north Qld.

I have a lady-friend who lives nearby, the beautiful Miss Lotti. Our Staffs meet for morning coffee on a frequent basis, but we both feel that a wider circle of greyhound society would be excellent.

So I briefed the Staff on our requirements: We would like to gather with other greys and their Staffs, enjoy doggo society, puppacinos, bacon, strokies and sniffs. The Staffs will be permitted to have coffee, cake, breakie and any other foods which can be shared with their greys…

I’d like to extend an invitation to all local greyhounds and their Staffs to Follow this blog and receive updates on when we are going to gather.  We generally have coffee at Social café in Walkerston, brunch at the Beachside Café in Bucasia Beach after a zoomie session on the beach, or lunch at Oscar’s in Sydney Street. All three venues are dog-friendly and know how to prepare a lactose-free puppacino.

If you are a greyhound parent/Staff, and you’re interested in joining us for coffee, lunch or other grey-related activities and there is nothing posted yet, do get in touch with Kate/Mum (my social secretary) at happygreyssocialclub(at)gmail(dot)com. We would be so pleased to meet other greyhound families and share coffee, conversation and ear-scratches!

Oh, and we do welcome all sighthounds, (Italian greyhounds, whippets and lurchers, galgos, Afghan hounds, borzois, silken windhounds, wolfhounds and salukis) as well as the non-greyhound fur siblings of our grey friends.

Hope to see you soon, and bring a blankie!