Doga masters

Hello people, Mouse here.

I’m talking about we greyhounds. We are at all times chilled, calm, graceful, agile, flexible and dignified. Ahem. There are naturally exceptions… I’m not particularly fond of thunder-storms (the atmospherics, you understand*), and Lotti doesn’t enjoy being ignored and will let you know quite… forcefully. But we are very elegant and amazingly flexible. Personally, I think yoga should be renamed doga.

Until recently, I mostly slept in what the Staff call the Flat Sprawl. On my side, all 4 legs arranged to occupy the maximum space, and often with my head hanging over the edge of whatever I was sleeping on. Very comfy, but not interesting.

Doga Sleepig #1: The Tickle Ma Bellee

Lotti has opened my eyes to the possibilities of Doga Sleeping. It involves lying on one’s back, and extending the limbs, with extra marks for finding a wall (or the back of my sofa, in my case), and leaning against it. If one can bend the head back and possibly dangle the tongue too (aka derping), this creates maximum impact. I’m not ashamed to admit that Lotti is the Doga Master in this art, but I think I’m catching up quite fast.

Doga Sleeping #2; The Sideways Dog

Bonus points for a derp

All over the internet, greyhounds are demonstrating the arts of Doga Sleeping (just Google images for ‘greyhounds sleeping on their backs’). It’s clearly one of our major skills, and should be celebrated, I feel!

Actually, of course, it already is. Mum has her eye on this poster, which definitely covers some of my more decorative poses…

If you have a particularly spectacular pose your Staff have captured in a photo, do send it to Mum at the email address on the Welcome Page.

Right, signing off. I have important snoozing to catch up on.


*I have a Thundershirt, which helps a bit, and Mum makes me a bed in the shower cubicle because it feels safe. But the Staff don’t use anxiety medication because it needs to be administered in advance in food, and when I’m stressed, I don’t eat.


8 thoughts on “Doga masters

  1. We love your sleep poses Mouse. I do something very similar but Stan is a little more curled up when he sleeps although he makes me laugh when he does his ‘running on the spot’ dreaming. He says I do it too and make silly whining noises at the same time but I don’t believe him. The staff say they will take a video of me – how embarrassing! Greyhounds must need a lot of space when they are sleeping to accommodate those long limbs.
    We’re with you on the thunder fear. Stan is worse than me – the staff think I just pretend to be scared so that Stan doesn’t get more TLC – but I’m really not keen. You’re lucky to have your own storm shelter and, hopefully, your Mum is quicker getting your thunder shirt on you than our Mum is – by the time she’s manhandled Stan into his, the storm is over.
    Love to you from Flo xx (Stan’s asleep)


    • Hi Flo! Mum has shown me some pictures from the internet of very creative poses, so I must give them a go some time. She also says I have ‘racing dreams’ where all my paws twitch and I make puffing noises. I think she may be making the puffing noises bit up… I do need space; there’s a quote out there somewhere that says: ‘Sleeping with a greyhound in the bed is like sharing a bed with an octopus who is learning to use chopsticks’. It’s true we’re bony and like to stretch out! As for thunderstorms, luckily both the Staff are weather-watch addicts and mostly know when a storm is coming, so Mum whips out the shirt, and I generally hold still. I am not a *wriggly* doggo… Thanks for the lovely comment. Mouse xx


  2. Marty K says:

    You are adorable both asleep and awake, Mouse! While she was a Pibble not a Greyhound, Georgie used to take her doga positions onto the bed. She had her half of a king sized bed and still made me move over a bit. I believe that she gave also herself points if she could “aim and shoot” a fart in the middle of the night with a bonus if it was noxious enough to wake me up. It usually was.


    • Awww, thanks, Miss Marty. Georgie sounds like a character, even for a pibble! I have lots of sympathy, as we’re both misunderstood breeds. I meantersay, fancy thinking greys are vicious brutes who aren’t safe outdoors without a muzzle! And I’d have been interested in a fart-off between the two of us, as the Staff say that Covid-19 wouldn’t survive in an atmosphere I’d ‘created’. Mind you, ever since they switched me to a grain-free diet, I haven’t been able to produce the same intensity and quality of green cloud as I used to…. (We must be thankful for small mercies – Mum)


  3. Hi Mouse, Orchid here, I generally prefer to sleep curled up. I have had some really mean staff in the past and it feels safer. I am getting old and stiff so I will leave all that doga to you youngsters. Neither Roo nor I mind thunderstorms but the other evening the fire alarm here went off. Because Mum can’t hear well it is an extra loud one with flashing lights and if one goes off they all start AND an extra box by the bed in case she is asleep – the fire people gave it to her – and we both howled and howled because it hurt our ears.


    • Hi Orchid! I always used to sleep sprawled out, but since the Staff acquired my Floofs, I have discovered the joys of snuggling into the circle of fluff; it’s very comfy and cosy and makes me feel safe. I’m so sorry about the fire alarm, it must have been ghastly! I must say, the Staff’s doorbell is a bit much. Mum drew the line at ‘bing-bong’ and the Westminster chimes so we have a weird calypso beat thing which always make me leap to my feet…

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      • Personally I feel the doorbell is quite enough noise, but quite often, I leap to my feet and alert with my ears cocked well before the dratted thing goes off, so Mum’s able to get to the door before the postie (or whoever) rings. I know it’s not very traditional greyhound behaviour (ie, deter burglars by tripping them up over my snoozing person), but I am a Responsible Doggo.

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