The Travels of Mouse: packing up day

I hate this process.

I’ve learned to recognise a pack-up when I see it. The Staff are super-busy, things keep disappearing from their normal places, stuff gets put into crates and bags, Dad clanks about in the back of the ute and Mum opens and closes drawers and cupboards in the house and the caravan, and keeps trying not to fall over Me. There’s a slight concern in my mind, because My Floof has not yet been packed (which Floof exactly, you have three? – Mum. Any of them – Me). However, as I have seen my kibble and my treats bags disappearing into the chaos, I think there’s a good chance I won’t be forgotten. As if. I just want to make sure they remember My Toys and My Blankie and My Lead, and so on. Sometimes, you have to make a stand…

I’m not going anywhere without Bad Monkey

Apparently, tomorrow night we will be in Townsville. Hurray! That means a visit to Miss Gail at the Greyhound Adoption Program! I will be able to tell all the doggos there what a forever home is like, and all about running on the beach, and puppacinos, and bacon when we go out for lunch. Especially the bacon. Mum says it also means a visit to the sewing machine shop to drop off her machine for service while we’re in Cairns and Dad is hoping to catch up with Uncle Spanner too. I like him, he really knows how to give an ear scratch šŸ™‚

I know the Staff do a pretty good job of getting us on the road with minimal disruption to Me, but I do wish the whole process was less unsettling. Still, this time tomorrow we’ll be there, and I’ll have had time in the car to do some serious snoozing in my Floof, punctuated by comfort breaks and the possibility of Pie tasting ā€“ Dad’s, that is, I’m not sure if Mum’s allowed pies any more. (I’m not, boo hiss – Mum).

I suppose it’s not too much to suffer for the sake of a holiday…


16 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: packing up day

  1. Agree with Jill – a “whole pie” for you and Bad Monkey šŸ™‚ Have a great trip, and maybe you’ll have some time to show us around the adoption centre…


  2. You’ve done it now Mouse. Flo has seen your Floof and says she’s going to sulk until she gets one.
    I hope the greys still in kennels won’t be too jealous of your elevation to Cherished Child of Chiconia but will give them hope that, one day, they’ll have a forever home of their own.
    Have a grood trip,
    Spoiled Son of Seaborough


    • Ah, Stan, I can’t tell you how lovely those Floofs are. You can sprawl across them or curl up inside them very cosily, plus they make exception prey toys, all squishy and fluffy and fun to drag around and shake. I’m hoping to encourage the newly retired greys at GAP to be less nervous of what’s ahead. Most of them have never seen the inside of a house or lain on a bed or rug or had a sofa to lounge on. Life is good after racing, and I’m there to tell them so!

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  3. Oooooo! Mouse! How exciting! Enjoy your trip and make sure you get loads and loads of treats. At least you should get some pie – poor Mum! Got to dash – it is sunny here for once so there is some sunbathing to get in while we can. Roo and Orchid.


    • Hi Roo and Orchid! I don’t know why, but Mum says a bunch of your comments went into the spam folder, so she has dug them out for me to reply to. Sorry to reply so late! I do agree it’s hard for Mum not to get pie, and it also means I have to beg harder because I’m only getting bits from Dad!

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  4. Marty K says:

    You’re such an awesome spokes-dog about the wonderful world of furever homes, Mouse! I know that your friends at GAP will benefit from hearing your experiences as the One High Hound of the House. ā¤ļø

    Hope you and Bad Monkey have a fantastic trip with The Staff. Definitely push for your own pie. Georgie would have!


    • Thanks, Miss Marty! I shall certainly make a strong case for My Own Pie, especially if it’s the ones from the shop that smells so nice in Bowen… Mum says she’s willing to share hers as she’s not supposed to be eating pies anyway, properly speaking, so it may be a case of me letting her have a bite of mine, instead of the other way round.


    • Hi Aunty Dale! Mum hates packing nearly as much as she hates unpacking, but she’s getting pretty good at it now! And as she says, when you pack, at least what’s going in is clean, whereas when you unpack, there’s usually a mountain of laundry and lots of cleaning needed. I can’t really think of other stuff, except Mum brought my vaccination records, and on a long trip, she says she’d bring supplies of tick and worming treatment in case we can’t get what we need on the road. I’m looking forward to the day when I can see you and Uncle G.O. and of course, My Mate Deez!


    • To be honest, TLC Cai-Cai, it’s 500 miles and there’s lots of STUFF I’ve seen many times before, so I do a LOT of snoozing on my Floof in the back seat. Of course, we do stop so I can do sniffs and my business, and the Staff need a coffee now and then. We have favourite spots for that…

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