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The Travels of Mouse: a new dog park!

Hello people, Mouse here.

I’m delighted to report that the Staff have located a new off-leash and fully-fenced dog park for me to zoom about in. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I was a bit off-colour yesterday morning due to all the packing and upheavals, and didn’t feel like eating my breakfast, so Mum packed it up and brought it with us. Good job, really, as by lunchtime I was starving! As usual when we go north, lunchtime happens right around Bowen, and it’s pie-time. Funny, that…. Anyway, Dad was able to indulge (with a little help from Me) and Mum had a ham salad roll (I helped a bit with that, too). She said it was lovely bread and very tasty ham but it was far too large, so she had half and ate the other half another time.

We were making good time in the afternoon and Dad decided on a quick, ahem, ‘airing in Ayr‘. (Sorry about that, Mum will insist on that kind of thing.) (There has to be some compensation for slaving over my keyboard for you – Mum). So anyway, the Staff located a very nice, spiffy and brand new fenced off leash dog park for me to inspect.

And inspect I did.

They have the right attitude to dogs, I feel.

It’s the Plantation Park off-leash dog park at 11-15 Kennedy St, Ayr. I’ll put it in the list of dog parks on the Resources and Information page too.

Anyway, after that we got to Townsville. Mum discovered that despite an email confirming our booking correctly, they had booked us into the wrong kind of site: no en suite bathroom, shock, horror! They had no vacant sites of the right kind as it’s currently the Townsville V-8 Supercars race week, so they put us in a powered site directly opposite the amenities block and waived all the fees for both nights, so we’re staying here for free!

And so to bed. Thursday’s a long day and we have quite a few things to get done while we’re here, including our visit to Miss Gail at GAP. So we all tucked ourselves up early. Bad Monkey is behaving himself, and is very grateful to have been brought along on this trip.

Time for my beauty sleep, I have a standard to maintain, after all…


21 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: a new dog park!

  1. Good morning Mouse 🐾
    Love read it about your travels and how good that your stay at the park was free !!
    As you must have heard we are on a five day lockdown in Victoria… here’s hoping it stays at 5 days. Fingers crossed 🤞
    Have a safe and zoomy day today and will catch up in the evening ❤️


    • Hi Aunty Chippy! Sorry about the lockdown – Mum says she hopes you don’t urgently need fabric! There are LOADS of people here and dozens of children who are very interested in Me, so walkies are quite interesting, but I must say it will be nice to go visiting. Mum says to tell you she’ll talk to you later.

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    • Hi Miss Catherine, I keep telling Dad that I have certainly earned at least two pies, but he has pointed out that when I travel my digestion becomes a little… uncertain, so pie might not be the best idea. I will continue to lobby for it while we’re in Cairns, as I won’t be travelling then!

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  2. Anne Lawson says:

    Hi Mouse, enjoy zooming around and then napping. Tell your Mum I was impressed that she had the ham roll, rather than the pie, no matter how tempting.


    • Hi Miss Anne! Mum says she actually only had half the roll, it was huge, and she had the rest for dinner. She’s pretty impressed with herself, I must say, I really must keep an eye on that or she’ll become insufferable.


    • It’s out of consideration for my sensitive tummy, apparently. I will concede that travel tends to unsettle my digestion… We shall see what happens over the rest of the holiday, since I won’t be travelling.


    • Bad Monkey is enjoying his first ever outing, and it’s rather endearing seeing Mouse using him for a pillow in addition to flinging him about and trying to rend him limb from limb!


  3. Looks like you had a good zooming opportunity there.
    I don’t zoom – I prefer rolling about on my back a bit – but, if Stan wants to run further to fetch his beloved ball, we wait until the field opposite is empty of livestock and go in there.
    I thought I’d misread for a minute when you said your Mum couldn’t finish her sandwich. Her stomach must have shrunk which is something I hope never happens to me as I love my ‘croquettes’ as they used to call my dog food in France – such elegance. Now I have to put up with ‘kibble’ which sounds like something you’d give a guinea pig.or ‘dry food’ which sounds really boring although a rose by any other name etc.
    Keep on having fun and give Bad Monkey a shake from me.
    Love Flo xxx🐾


    • Hi Flo! My time is split between lounging and zooming, I don’t really have a halfway unless it’s walkies with Mum. Speaking of Mum, the sandwich was a rather large and overstuffed ‘torpedo’ about 10 inches long, and it was a mixture of ‘couldn’t’ and ‘shouldn’t’. I don’t mind the word kibble, it makes me think of ‘nibble’, which is exactly the opposite of what i do with it. Mum says I inhale my foods, which is why she deals it out in two separate bowls, to slow me down a bit… Have fun today, and say Hi to Stan for me. Mouxe xx

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    • Freebies are excellent! And as Mum said, it was only 2 nights. If it had been the whole holiday, we’d have looked around to see if we could find an alternative, maybe the Big4 Woodlands in north Townsville. I like that place too, but it’s a bit noisier and the walkies are not as interesting.


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