The Travels of Mouse: a visit to GAP

Hello people, Mouse here.

Yesterday, we had loads of stuff to do, mostly human stuff, but there was one Very Important Visit. We went to see Miss Gail at GAP (the Greyhound Adoption Program of the Racing Integrity Commission). I love going to see Miss Gail, because she remembers me, and says I’m special, and how wonderful I’m looking ∑:>

The doggos have all come directly from the racing industry, and Miss Gail says once they’ve been there a while and have stayed in a foster home for a few weeks, they learn to socialise with people, pets and other doggos, to deal with situations they haven’t been used to like streets, and the beach, and to navigate home life, like stairs, and glass doors. The vet looks after their health and Miss Gail and her assistant look after their mental wellbeing, just loving them and playing with them. And soon, they find furever homes and Staff who will love them to bits and give them treats and a comfy bed. The Staff had brought treats, and everyone there got some, so that was a Good Thing.

Rosie, Hudson, Neville, Dude and the others, I hope you find soft beds, yummy food, great sniffs, happy zoomies and loving Staff. And to Miss Gail, a big THANK YOU for taking care of my brothers and sisters so well and finding them good homes.

Today, we’re heading up to Cairns, so it’s another day in the car, but after that I can relax for a week. Mum says it’s my Birthday in two days. I’m not sure what that means, but she seems to imply that good stuff is in store and possibly treats of the edible variety. So that’s something to look forward to.

Mouse out, for now


21 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: a visit to GAP

  1. Marty K says:

    Your description of the Greys’ experiences breaks my heart, Mouse. Yay for Miss Gail and the rescue. Hope that your new friends find Staff that are as wonderful and loving as yours.

    I spent time at our SPCA today working with the doggos — giving treats, cleaning kennels, and taking a couple puppers out for some sniff time and a little bit of R+ training.


  2. Miss Gail is a star ⭐️ in my book & im so glad your friends have her. There’s no knowing what some humans can do and I’m glad you have the home you have coz your staff are THE BEST ❤️
    Keep the posts coming Mouse Boy so I can see what u are up to 🤩


    • Hi Aunty Chippy! She is indeed, and I love her very much. I also know that I’m lucky with my Staff and I love them too, even when they don’t let me go off and explore the caravan park by myself… Mum and Dad haven’t made a lot of plans for this trip, I think the main idea is to sit in the sun and be idle. Suits me!

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    • I don’t mind the actual racing, Aunty Dale, in fact I make a point of doing it at the dog park. It’s when they MAKE us do it and don’t treat or feed us well… Thank heavens for GAP and everything it does.


  3. Reblogged this on talltalesfromchiconia and commented:

    Mouse is finally letting me get a word in edgeways.

    Although this is a journey we’ve done many times, the enjoyment is always new. I’ll leave the highlights to Himself, and merely mention the pleasure I get from passing familiar landmarks that tick off the distance, the food I didn’t make myself, the fun of seeing Mouse somewhere other than home, rediscovering barely remembered smells and places.

    Today was Townsville to Cairns via stops at Ingham and Cardwell (of pie-van fame). Because I knew I’d be exposed to yet more temptation at Cardwell, I was careful to having something to eat at Ingham, a delicious H.A.L.T. on rye (ham, avocado, etc), and a pot of English Breakfast Tea. Bliss.

    And here we are at Cairns, set up and feet up. Mouse is lounging on his Floof, having scarfed down a frozen chicken neck. I’ll let him pick up the tale of what we did yesterday.

    For those who’ve already read it, apologies, and you can skip this bit:


  4. Hi Mouse. I also came from a rescue kennels and, like you, was lucky enough to get chosen by indulgent staff. They say they nearly didn’t take me because I was in an enclosure with another dog and, when the staff walked round trying to make a decision, I acted a little aggressively towards it while we were all jumping up trying to get seen and so they walked past at first and were going to take a boy dog called ‘Furio’. Luckily, they gave me another chance and they have never seen me make that horrible face again.
    I feel so sorry for all those dogs in kennels waiting for their furever home and I just know there will be so many more as, at least in the U.K., lots of people have been buying dogs as company during lockdowns and, once (if) things get back to normal they might find they don’t want a dog any more or the puppy has grown and isn’t quite as loveable as they first thought. There have been many puppy and dog thefts to meet the demand and prices have gone through the roof.
    Mum says she despairs and thank goodness for Miss Gail and all the others like her around the world who try to make up for what other humans do to us dogs and other animals.


    • Hi Flo! All the best dogs are rescued, I think. They need a home, the Staff need a Boss, and places like GAP bring us together. I’m not surprised they ended up choosing you, you’re cute! We have the same situation here Down Under, but GAP is very careful about where they let their doggos go (a 5 page questionnaire, photos of your home and the dogs conduct the final ‘interview). In any case, there’s far more demand for greyhounds than they can supply.

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  5. Hi Mouse, Orchid here. I found my present staff after being in a rescue home. I shudder to remember how life was before that. I try to explain to Roo but she has always been loved and cared for so she cannot understand. I like it here – regular meals, a sofa and a bed to sleep on and no-one hurts me but I still worry that maybe one day I will wake up and it has all been a dream. Enjoy your new life and gve the staff lots of rewards for their excellent care.


  6. Love hearing that their is a rescue and rehab system available for you and your kind…sadly there are probably a lot bad eggs in the animal world which are the % that create news stories via those who are good Easter egg people.

    And now I see where a “whole pie” might come your way for your “birthday” – let us know how much of good time occurs…


    • Hi Miss Catherine! I suspect whole pies will not figure on the menu because the pastry would not sit well, I have a sensitive tummy. However, I have detected the aroma of Oinkers in the air, and I know Dad has secreted frozen chicken necks in the car freezer. I think there will definitely be edible treats! Plus I heard the name of our favourite local café in Cairns, and they know how I like my puppacino ∑:>

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