The Travels of Mouse: Surf’n’Turf

Hello people, Mouse here.

Well, after the excitement of My Birthday, the Staff decided a quiet day was in order (for them, I suspect, I felt fine). But after Mum had done shopping and cleaning and laundry, she felt the need of some respite, and they agreed that dinner Out was a fine idea. I had no objection so long as my routine was not disrupted and there was something in it for Me…

So Mum jumped online and started looking. She found a very useful listing for doggo-friendly  places to eat (, and I’ve put it on the Resources & Information page too), but it did seem as if most of the places were cafés open only until mid-afternoon. There’s one very nice seafood place they fancied, called Dundee’s on the Waterfront, but the logistics involved in parking and getting there were involved, since it’s in an area where they mostly prefer doggos not to go…

In the end, we settled on Dunwoody’s. They’re not in the AGFG listing, but we made a call on the off-chance because we saw they had a large outdoor dining area. They said “sure, bring him along!”. I think that should have been the other way round, but still…

And that’s how I got Surf’N’Turf after-dinner snacks! Dad had a really good porterhouse steak, mashed potato and vegies, and Mum had pan-fried salmon, broccolini and roasted cherry tomatoes. And of course I demanded my usual tithe of the good stuff despite having had my own dinner half an hour before. It was fun, because we brought my Floof along so I could be comfy on the tiled floor, and I got loads of admiration and strokies from other patrons.

The Staff said the food was very good, and certainly the juicy chunks of steak and tender flakes of salmon I demanded from them were most acceptable. Mum says it’s not fine dining, but it is good quality, fresh, well-cooked food in comfortable and attractive surroundings. We were also served quickly despite the fact that there was a large function on at the same time, so I didn’t have long to wait for my yummies.

We’ll definitely go back next time we’re in Cairns. Meanwhile, plenty more places on that AGFG listing to try!


25 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: Surf’n’Turf

    • (Exactly – Mum) I never do the cooking anyway, Aunty Chippy, but Mum did seem to appreciate it, and of course, there was no washing up either! They didn’t allow me to lick the plates, which I was slightly put out about, since my role as Canine Pre-Wash is now well established at home…

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  1. Marty K says:

    Looks like a lovely place to have a few yummies, a floof snoozette, and some admiration from the general public. Glad The Staff enjoyed their repast too — it’s important that they eat well in order to stay up on their game of catering to your every need and want. 💗

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    • Hi Miss Marty! Yes, I do feel it’s critical the Staff remain strong and healthy, provided it’s not at the expense of passing me tasty morsels… We just got back from lunch out, and I’m feeling rather miffed because apparently they were feasting on stuff that was Not Suitable. Outrageous, I call it! Still, Mum had brought a bag of beef jerky treats for me, so all was not lost.


  2. Looks like a fine place to dine. Always worth a call to an eatery with an outdoor dining area to ask if they are dog friendly even if not listed as so. For us, only occasionally has the answer been no, and then we figure their loss, not ours.


    • It was! Mum was able to find stuff she could eat without sending her sugars sky high, Dad ate a large piece of cow and about a kilo of potatoes, and I had tasty snippets of the good stuff. We find that mainly not accepting doggos is a matter of access to the outdoor areas; if you have to go through the main restaurant, it’s a problem.


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  4. Going Batty in Wales says:

    You jammy dog! We have Uncle H (Mum’s son) here at the moment with his Savannah cat Odin who is like our cats but HUGE! He’s OK but Uncle H is a cat person so we are not getting our due fusses and Mum is busy and it’s very hot and all the routine is to pot. Learn from our mistakes – er tolerance – and keep your staff in order!


    • Gosh, that sounds GHASTLY! Not merely deprived of your rightful fussing and attention, but neglected in favour of a CAT and its Staff. My dear doggos, do stay strong. This too shall pass and your Staff will return to her senses in due course. My thoughts are with you. Or they would be if I were not snoring slightly on my Floof with my head on Bad Monkey.

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  5. Lucky you Mouse. Apparently, we have heard the staff comment on how common it is around here to be able to take your dog into pubs and restaurants but, strangely, they haven’t taken us to any of them with us. They say it’s because I find that sort of thing a bit stressful and that Flo won’t sit quietly under the table like a good dog. We get an extra treat when they come home though.
    Stan 🐾


    • Hello, Stan! We can’t go inside places together, it’s all outside seating for doggos, but in this climate that’s not really a hardship. I can understand you finding a crowded, loud pub interior a bit stressful, and even a less crowded noisy one if there are other dogs about, I wouldn’t care for it one bit myself. At least there’s a treat in it for you when the Staff get back!


  6. It sounds like a fun evening, Mouse, especially as you were so much admired. Mum and Dad must have been proud. I would have ordered exactly what Mum had, it sounds absolutely delicious. I’m surprised to hear you like fish, but then I don’t know very much about doggos. Nothing personal, you understand. I know a bit about cats, though, and I do know that mine (her name is Choccie) would most certainly not enjoy being taken to a restaurant. It’s probably just as well – she’d no doubt order the most expensive meal on the menu.


      • Oh she most certainly is. She treats me like her slave. And if I’m not up by 5 in the morning (at the latest) to serve breakfast, I get smacked around the face and head. Literally. Really not a nice way to be woken up on these cold winter mornings.


      • Oh, this is not a good way to foster happy Boss/Staff relations… I personally favour a cold wet nose in Mum’s ear as the wake-up method, and after just a few times I find she has learned to exit the bed very promptly. Choccie does sound a little, um, impatient… (I must just point out that 6am is sometimes a moveable feast and it’s more like 5.15-5.30am – Mum)

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