The Travels of Mouse: Sippin’ and Trippin’

Hello people, Mouse here.

It has been a busy couple of days, and I’ve been too zorsted to write much, but I’m back on track today (racing reference there, did you spot it?). This is going to be a link-heavy post, so you can see for yourself what we got up to, but here are some nice bits of eye candy for you too.

Double Island, from the Captain Cook Highway

Yesterday, we took a trip north on the Captain Cook Highway, to Mossman, famous for its beautiful Gorge, and for being the gateway to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree, and the serious Far North. We went through town and a little way further to visit Scomazzon’s Farm Store. They have tropical fruit orchards and sell exotic fruit and vegetables, freshly baked sourdough bread, local sauces and pickles, water kefir and other goodies. Because it’s winter Down Under, there wasn’t a wide variety of fruits on offer, but that didn’t stop Mum buying a few tasty bits and pieces for the Staff. Nothing there for Me, unfortunately. Except of course for strokies and a bowl of water from the nice lady!

The rainforest really does come all the way down to the beach. Sniffs and splashies!

On the way home we passed Palm Cove, home of the famous Nu Nu Restaurant. The head chef is Nick Holloway, who has featured on Australian Master Chef several times. The menu is amazing, they use all sorts of native and locally-sourced ingredients. Mum checked if they are doggo-friendly – and they ARE!  However, being famous and having wonderful food means that it’s not somewhere the staff can eat just casually (many, many dollar signs next to the AGFG listing – Mum), so I think they may keep it for a special occasion, or when they’ve saved up a bit!

To make up for missing out on a Nu Nu lunch, Dad bought a kilo of freshly-caught Endeavour prawns for dinner, and the Staff feasted on those, Black Russian tomatoes, butter lettuce and salad. Dad really loves his prawns… I don’t care for them, myself (he was offered a sample and turned it down – Mum), although I do love salmon and sardines!

Friday morning, Mum and Dad had stuff to do first thing. We then went for a quick beverage at the Sipping Duck café. Sipping Duck is a coffee roasting business, amongst other things, and they have two cafés. We went to the one in Stratford, near Cairns airport. The Staff had the House blend and I had my usual puppacino, much to the delight of the staff and other customers, who’d never seen a greyhound drinking out of a paper cup. I’m sophisticated, I am… The Staff said the coffee was very good.

On the way back to the car, as we passed Jonsson’s Farmer’s Market, we met a lady who asked if she could introduce herself to Me. The Staff had a long talk to her about Me, GAP, greyhounds in general and what it takes to adopt one. Hi, Miss Kate, nice to meet you, you give very good strokies! Mum gave her this blog address, so maybe she’ll take a look and find out a bit more.

And now, time for a snooze. I have a beauty standard to maintain, after all….


22 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: Sippin’ and Trippin’

  1. Marty K says:

    Sounds like a full, rich day, Mousiekins. No wonder you’re zorsted. ❤️ NuNu looks fabulous — I’m sure The Staff will take you when they do eventually go. Hopefully, you planted the “rescue seed” in your new friend as well. Sending some neck skritches and belly rubbin’s your way.


    • Oh, they’ll take me, Miss Marty, or they wouldn’t have bothered to ask. Miss Kate did say she was missing her old doggo and she’d heard great things about greys, so maybe…. paws crossed, and thank you for the belly rubs!


  2. Jill, that band – wow… Mouse you certainly had a great day out with the staff … love the thought you are sophisticated connoisseur of drinking out of paper cups! As for that last link (directed to Aunty Dale) of the wholefoods place, magic…


    • Well, Miss Catherine, compared with slurping it out of a bowl, using a cup seems quite sophisticated to me! Mum is always impressed that I get every last drop out of the bottom. Glad you enjoyed the link. It’s a fabulous place, apparently, and Mum always smells very exciting when she comes out of there!

      Liked by 1 person

    • What a lovely idea, to treat the doggos! I am rather keen on human cupcakes, to the detriment of my digestion, sadly. I actually helped myself to three banana cupcakes (paper cases and all) on one memorable occasion, so these day they’re kept well out of my reach, because grain-based foods and I are not compatible 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can fully understand the “paper cases” I’ve eaten a few bits from time to time, they just wouldn’t peel properly – not sure that it was all that tasty but then again, maybe it was because you had to wolf the 3 cakes quickly and there was no time to unwrap…


  3. Now that was a very full day Mouse Boy and I can imagine how zorsted you are 🥰
    Well now Cape tribulation we have visited as well as Daintree Village… and a lot further than that as well. Morsman we stopped at for lunch but as we were pushed for time that day Uncle J pulled out the drawers in our car and cooked up a quick and easy lunch that day for us … we didn’t have time to visit any restaurants…
    As you well know I had a long chat with mum yesterday and did catch a glimpse of you sprawled out at the back 😍
    The weather your end is by far much better than ours in wet n wild Melbourne 🤗
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday & will wait for the next post 💝


  4. Going Batty in Wales says:

    No wonder you were too zorsted to write anything! Those were pretty full days but at least you got treats – FOOD and STROKIES! Orchid thanks you for ensuring that the status of us lurchers as sophisticated doggos is maintained and well done for encouraging someone else to rescue one of us.


    • I do feel we sighthounds have a standard to maintain, and evidence of cleverness and good behaviour is important. Any old doggo can slurp messily out of a bowl, but drinking out a cup is always entertaining for Staff and other humans. I think Miss Kate is definitely considering a grey, and I hope she follows through.

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  5. Those beaches!! My staff say they’re used to seeing beaches full of humans end to end when there’s the slightest suggestion of sunshine so a lovely uninhabited stretch would be a treat. There are some places off the beaten track but there are not as many tracks unbeaten here as there are where you live. We might have to wait until after September before we can go beach zooming.
    We haven’t tried prawns but, as we will eat almost anything (especially Flo), we can’t imagine we wouldn’t like them.
    Love Stan & Flo 🐾


    • Hey there, Stan and Flo! Most of the beaches up here are pretty empty. You can see for miles and there’ll be a doggo the size of a dot in the distance, walking his Staff… and that’s it. It gives me plenty of scope for BIg Zoomies. I may have to give prawns another try, as Dad is talking about getting another kilo of Endeavours before we go home on Monday. Not sure the shop’s open tomorrow, so I hope he’s not going to be disappointed.

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