The Travels of Mouse: staying still at last

Hello people, Mouse here.

Well, we’re finally home. After 2 weeks all the sniffs around the house were faded, so I had to go and refresh them all. Mum kept stepping over me in a very disrespectful fashion – I’m doing important work here – but I got it done at last and we’re back to normal. And morning walkies have taken much longer than usual, because I have to check all my socials and leave comments everywhere (he means it’s a giant sniffari rather than a mere walk – Mum).

I must say, I am slightly missing my home-away-from-home in Cairns, the Brother Jenkins café. I have my own spot in the sun there, they bring me a water bowl without asking, and the servings of puppacino are very generous. Not to mention the fact that the bacon is very superior… And all just a 2 minute stroll from the caravan park. In fact, I could probably get myself over there without bothering the Staff to take me… (over my dead body – Mum. If you insist! – Mouse).

Our last day in Townsville was a bit noisy. Every other year, 17,000 US and Australian troops participate in a large-scale 2 month exercise called Exercise Talisman Sabre. It’s spread out over a large area of Queensland, particularly the north, and means the roads and skies are more than usually busy with military vehicles. Townsville is a garrison town, and many of the visiting troops are stationed at Laverack Barracks. Most of it was pretty familiar to the Staff, especially as Dad was in the Reserves for 20 years and knows Laverack well and the surrounding countryside from his own past military exercises. But what was new was the sight of Osprey aircraft in the sky! They are most peculiar, a sort of hybrid between a VTOL plane and a helicopter. Personally, I thought they looked like giant drones.

Anyway, the military theme continued on the way home, when we dropped in to the Catalina Memorial on the foreshore in Bowen, which gives information about the famous ‘flying boats’ of that name which were stationed there during WWII, as well as housing a war memorial to commemorate those who served in war, armed conflict or peacekeeping operations.

Dad said it was very well done, and Mum thought the design was very clever, except that it was extremely hard to photograph well, which is why I’ve put in a link above, to the website of the company that designed it, so you can see their very good photos.

And before you ask, yes, this is the Bowen that has the excellent pies, and Dad and I shared one while Mum had a ham salad roll and averted her eyes. And then we went home, and the very first thing the Staff did was to let me into the back yard and I had a nice roll in the grass and sniffed everything and told young Rocket next door what was what and who was boss.

It’s good to be back.


22 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: staying still at last

    • Hi Aunty Dale! Maybe one day we’ll see all three of you in Cairns, and you can test the bacon for yourselves! Mum says she recommends the Eggs Benedict as they’re the most generous with the hollandaise sauce of anywhere she’s ever eaten!


    • Hi Miss Jill! Yes, it’s the best of both worlds, particularly as I don’t have to do any packing or unpacking; Mum’s pretty good about remembering my Important Stuff. I’ve been supervising her having a tidy up in her sewing room today. It’s all a bit unsettling, but the upside is that she’s uncovered some bits of floor I’ve never lain on!

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  1. Marty K says:

    Welcome home, Mouse! As fun as going on holiday is, it’s always nice to come home to be able to sniff, roll, zoom, and other things in your own place. Glad you were properly fawned over (as well you should be!) during your vacation!


    • Hi Miss Marty! It’s pretty good to come home, I agree. Less company (and admiration) but more space to sprawl around in and I know where the treats are kept so i can lurk around there in a meaningful fashion when Mum passes. It usually brings results!


  2. Mouse, sounds like you had a great trip away – some of the places same-as – other than what Mum had to eat which wasn’t the same – but maybe just as good… Sometimes a change is as good as a rest (think that’s the saying, correct me if I’m wrong)


    • Hi Miss Catherine, yes, a change is as good as a rest, so long as things return to normal at the end of it! I think if the Staff decided on a very long trip (if they win the Lottery and go round Australia, Mum says), I’d have to insist on a larger caravan and longer stays in each place. (Like I said, a Lottery win would be needed – Mum)

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      • I follow some nomad digital travellers, most of whom are now in their birth countries, one pair (WA) decided to outfit a campervan and are finally on the Australian circuit – what they discovered a great many others are as well, and camp grounds are often fully booked out, although they do have the facilities to go “off grid” but with a baby girl they prefer the camp grounds…


      • Miss Catherine, Mum has this to say: We found the caravan parks on our route north were uniformly very busy, much more so than usual, and we’ve been doing the trip for several years. The same goes for showgrounds and any other ‘free’ camping facilities. What makes the truck-driving Husband angry is when they jam up the truck stops too, so that truck drivers cannot get in to take the rest breaks mandated by law… Myself, I think they should stick to caravan-specific sites and rest areas, and let truck drivers do their job safely.

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  3. We’re sure everywhere has been re-scented with eau de Mouse now and you feel settled in again We don’t go away very often but when we moved here it took a while to instil our aroma about the place, though not in a bad way as one of the cats did with some noxious spraying, just by rolling and sniffing and rubbing,.
    Love Flo & Stan 🐾


    • Hi Flo and Stan! Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Also some fresh drool on my beds. It’s lovely to have a choice of beds again; the caravan has only one, but at home I have three dog beds, the sofa and the Staff’s bed to choose from! Mouse xx


  4. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Keeping up with one’s social media presence is vital Mouse so we completely understand the need to check the posts others have left and leave your own. It is something staff never seem to understand! We have had visitors including H and Odin his Cat who is OK but very pampered and we only managed to sneak a tiny bit of his posh food – not a good cat for sharing that one. So far we haven’t been away this summer but who knows? maybe we will later.


    • Hello! I remember you mentioning Odin before… I find cats not terribly congenial, and use my best ‘Anubis head’ impression to encourage them to depart swiftly. Obviously if he’s a guest it’s a bit tricky… I can tell you totally get it about needing to stay abreast of the socials; you can’t let the sniffs lapse or the neighbourhood will go to the, er… dogs. Hope you get a nice trip away later in your summer, it’s wonderful for making you appreciate home life when you get back!

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      • Going Batty in Wales says:

        We have 3 cats living here though why the staff tolerate them is beyond us. I (Roo here), being a sheep dog try to round them up, keep them in order, stop squabbles and so on but it is like herding – well, cats! Give me sheep any day! Actually Odin was less work – just did his own thing and ignored us all – the perfect guest.


      • My dear chap, how ghastly! It’s hard enough having to stare down the Creature from next door, let alone being forced to share quarters with the slinky things. I’m very glad the Staff have no ambitions in that direction. Lovely to hear from you, as always.

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