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The Gourmet Dog: Restaurant Review

Hello people, Mouse here.

The Staff and I have decided that we’re going to start writing a review of any doggo-friendly restaurants we visit, so that other doggo families will know where they can all dine together. I’ll also be posting the names of the restaurants/cafés on the Resources and Information Page for future reference. To locate that page, just click on the black bar at the top of this post (above My logo) for a drop down menu.

So, on to business. Mum and Dad thought I’d enjoy a night out (actually, I thought I’d enjoy not cooking for a change – Mum), and we felt like a bit of an outing. On our drive around town, I stuck my head out of the window to do an advanced nose-recce to scout out suitable places, and informed them where to stop. And the winner was…. Let’s Do Greek! It smelt divinely of barbecued lamb, and even the humans’ blunt noses could detect how delicious it was.

Dad went in to ask if their outdoor seating at the front was available for doggo visitors, while I stuck my head out of the car window giving my best ‘adorable but starving dog‘ impression. The impression clearly had the desired effect, since they confirmed dogs are welcome out there, but sadly the place was already fully booked for a banquet that night. However, take-away food was still available. It’s popular and often very busy, so if you want dog-friendly seating, it will be important to book to ensure you get a spot.

They got Chicken Santorini, Chargrilled Octopus and Salt & Pepper Calamari, with side orders of Greek salad and lemon potatoes. Every last scrap disappeared except for the potatoes, as the portions were huge, and Mum says she’ll find a way to use those up in something tomorrow. I sampled the chicken and the octopus, both delicious, and Mum says the octopus was outstandingly tender, which was a lovely surprise.

The restaurant staff were very kind and accommodating despite clearly being extremely busy setting up for the banquet, and the wait for food was short. The prices were reasonable, the portions were generous, and they use recyclable take-away containers. They aren’t a fancy ‘fine dining’ place, it was authentic, delicious and different from our usual steak, Indian or Italian ‘night out’ food. I particularly appreciated it because I was able to share the food, which I can’t do with Indian or Italian due to dietary issues. We’d recommend it to anyone looking for something generous, tasty and served with a smile.

My social secretary (he means me – Mum) has a list of other places to try which have said they welcome doggos.

Look out for future reviews.



20 thoughts on “The Gourmet Dog: Restaurant Review

  1. Nothing better than the whole family going out for dinner isn’t it Mouse Boy… 🥰
    I like Greek food and have never really tried my hand at cooking too many dishes. The Greek salad is usually a winner in my household for bbq feasts as the kids love it and Uncle J is very partial to Fetta 🤩.


  2. Marty K says:

    Glad you found such a great place for you and The Staff, Mousiekins. We’re partial to Greek food in this house as well. I’m imagining how good those lemon potatoes were! I hope you get a chance to dine in soon so they can see what fine dining manners you have.

    We live near a Greek Orthodox church that hosts a wonderful Greek Festival with amazing food every year. Unfortunately, it isn’t doggo-friendly, as it gets REALLY crowded with people, but we bring treats home and share if we have foster puppers.


    • Hi Miss Marty! Mum loves Greek food, it makes her very nostalgic for the many trips she made to the islands in her 20s. I thought the octopus was the best, although chicken is my favourite food. I’m always very dainty in my public eating habits, so I shouldn’t disturb any other diners. I love the sound of that Greek Festival, but I agree that I probably wouldn’t enjoy being in a crowd. Mum says can she put in an order for Arni Kleftiko…?


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