Coffee Mornings

New friends

Hello people, Mouse here

Well, last Sunday’s Coffee Morning went well!  Mum and I were walking up to Social café while Dad came along after in the ute bringing My bed and bowl, when another ute stopped just up ahead of us and out of the window came Lotti’s head! She and her Staff were also on the way there, so she and her Mum decided they’d walk with us, while her Dad went on ahead and grabbed our table.

When we got there and had all got settled, Mum spotted Aunty Sharon and her nephew arriving with our new friend Bella. She’s not a grey (poor thing, she can’t help it), but she is very pretty, and unlike many small dogs, was not noisy or terribly wriggly, so she was a nice peaceful companion and suited our nature very well. She had brought her own bed and a toy, so we doggos were all comfortably situated while our Staffs chatted.

Well, the humans had the usual coffee, some of them had orange and almond cake, there was a decorated cookie for the youngest member, and of course, we doggos got our puppacinos! Bella hadn’t had one before so it was fun to watch her learning to navigate a paper cup!

At the end of the session, Mum managed to capture our final ‘guest’, who wasn’t much of a conversationalist, but who was very interested in cookie crumbs!

That evening, we went round to Aunty Lyn’s for a barbecue. Lotti and I conducted a board meeting while the humans chattered, and then we went to demand our share of juicy steak and sausage.

And there’s good news! Aunty Sharon met a work colleague later who has a grey! And Aunty Sharon told her about the Coffee Mornings, and hopes she can be persuaded to come along for the next one!  That will be fun…

Till next time, Mouse out.


15 thoughts on “New friends

    • Hi Aunty Chippy! It was fun! Bella is cute, and not at all annoying, she sat quietly and enjoyed her puppacino and getting strokies. It will be interesting to see if the other greyhound and its Staff turn up next time; I hope they do, the more the merrier.

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  1. Marty K says:

    Bella and Birdie are awfully cute dining companions. Hopefully, Bella enjoyed her first Pupaccino! I’m glad that you and Lotti got a little one-on-one meeting time later on — and some steak and sausage! Hope you are joined by the third Grey at your next Coffee Morning.


    • Hi Miss Marty! I hope so too! Just between us, there’s steak on the menu tonight as well, so I shall be sure to hang around looking appealing and hungry (no change there, then – Mum) on the off-chance of some handouts!


  2. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Glad to know the social club is getting more members – and ones who know how to behave in company. It is good for the staff to socialise too so well done for offering them the chance. O & R


  3. Sounds like a good time was had by all.
    Flo tried to make friends on the beach yesterday but she is a little, shall we say ‘overpowering’ with her overtures sometimes so the staff kept her on her lead most of the time. Personally, I was really only interested in chasing my ball into the surf and over the stones but I might have taken a break if there’d been the chance of a bit of steak.
    Here’s to new friends (and new squeak balls),
    Stan 🐾


    • Stan! Hi! Dad tried a squeak pig toy out on me but they don’t do anything for me. Also, I don’t care for frisbees any more after he threw one to me and I just stood there and it hit me. Well, how was I supposed to know what it was going to do? I’m not a retriever… Bad Monkey, though, now *there’s* a toy you can get your teeth into and give a jolly good shaking. I must’ve killed him a thousand times but he keeps coming back for more! Say Hi to Flo and the Staff for me. Mouse 🐾

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