Stormy weather…

… may be ahead!

I’m not at all sure about this. Mum has bought me a Rain Coat.

She says I look very handsome in it. I don’t dispute that, I look handsome in anything, I am a greyhound. It’s putting the thing on that’s going to take some getting used to… The neck is a tube, and I have to slide my head through. She surprised me with it the first time and I held still, but there may be Issues next time if I see it coming.

Seriously, though, I do look good. It’s fluoro green, has reflective piping, and the neck tube thing can either be a hood to keep my head and ears dry, or can be scrunched down to form a high collar. There’s a belly band, and the rear end is tailored to fit snugly over my backside. Mum says there’s a small covered zipper at the back of the neck to allow my lead to pass through without letting lots of water drip down my neck.

Actually… the more I talk about it, the more I realise it’s probably a Good Thing for when the rainy season starts. I do hate getting wet. Feet is one thing, but wet ears is just nasty. And even though it’s not chilly rain, I do get cold because my own coat is very fine and flat to my skin. The coat isn’t heavy, and has a breathable liner, and the outer fabric isn’t too rustle-y so it won’t drive me nuts when the hood is up. I have yet to decide if I’m going to tolerate that hood, but I see from the website that other doggos do, so perhaps it’ll be OK.

The coat is made by Annie’s Coats, and you will find the website here. There are some very elegant and attractive outfits, all designed for grey/sighthounds, many of which are more suitable for cooler climates than ours, where a grey needs to be kept cosy. I’d request a couple of those except that the Staff have rightly pointed out that I get too hot in the Wet season as it is… The order came very quickly, too! I’ve put a link on the Resources & Information page as well.

Mum says I look Adorable. Dad says I look Miserable. I’d rather look Impressive, say, or Majestic.

I guess Adorable will have to do…


23 thoughts on “Stormy weather…

  1. Jill Kreuz Goldberg says:

    Only slightly miserable in the second photo, Mouse, but other than that how about “unforgettable”? Ask Mum to play you some Nat King Cole later.


  2. I think I’d look a bit miserable/anxious too Mouse but Flo says she rather fancies the leopardskin one she spotted on the Annie’s Coats business card. She’ll do anything for a bit of attention.
    Stan 🐾


    • Hi Stan! Yeah, girls…. Seriously though, if it was colder here, I’d be going for one of her Swanky Tees, there are some great colours and patterns. Mum says she could make an amazing quilt from just the scraps!


  3. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Orchid says ‘Of course you look handsome! I wish I had had one because like you I hate getting wet. However I have now retired from going for walks because I am old and stiff (that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. If Mum tries to make me go with her and Roo I limp pathetically until she gives in and brings me home!)’ Roo says ‘You wuss! Getting wet is no bother at all – but then I am a working dog with proper fur to keep me dry so I suppose poor almost naked dogs like you do need a covering.’ Mum says ‘Clever staff!’


    • Hi Orchid! I think a lady is entitled to take it easy when she’s had a full and interesting life. As for the fur issue, I’d rather have sleek and shiny fur than be all hairy and random, but some poor doggos don’t have any choice in the matter and have to make the best of it. I think you’d look lovely in one of Annie’s cosy coats, they have lots of lovely fleece ones, and the tartan ones are very handsome too. Or maybe you’d prefer one in T-shirt fabric, as you need house-wear rather than an outdoor coat? I bet there are nice ladies who make them where you are too.

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      • Going Batty in Wales says:

        I’m sure I could persuade the staff to get me a coat and of course I would look wonderfully elegant in one, as we sight hounds do in anything. However I have decided I will go out only to do the essentials or to sunbathe from now on!


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