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The Gourmet Dog: Restaurant Review #2

Hello people, Mouse here.

And here we are with our second restaurant review. It seems the Staff are rather keen on this particular type of team activity, can’t imagine why, ahem (Don’t pretend you don’t also love getting a steady stream of tasty bites from us – Mum)…

Today for your delectation, I present Bing’s Nomiya, offering a luscious selection of Japanese foods. Some of them, such as Dad’s Beef & Chicken Yakiniku, were too spicy for me to enjoy, but I was able to help Mum with her Chicken Teppanyaki. The Staff also had Pork Gyoza and purple sweet potato chips in tempura batter, both of which were unsuitable for my insides. The portions (without rice but with plenty of vegies) were perfectly sized for lunch, and with the addition of steamed rice they’d make generous dinner servings.

Next time, Mum plans to try some tasty Tonkotsu Ramen, while Dad likes the sound of Wagyu Beef and vegetables in Black Pepper Sauce. Personally, I’d go for my own personal serving of the Teppanyaki Chicken. I don’t really feel I got enough of Mum’s serving to get a proper taste… There are 104 dishes on the menu, so I think it’s going to take a few more visits for us to thoroughly explore our favourite options.

The waiting staff were very friendly and helpful, we sat outside on the fenced shade deck, the Staff on high stools at a bar table, and I had a corner of the deck to myself, safely out of the way of passing feet and sizzling hot dishes of food. The food arrived very quickly, and very hot, and I got strokies from the waitress and a bowl of water from the handy tap outside – very considerate to doggos to have that there, I thought.

Right, that’s it for this visit. I must go and sleep off my snacks…


21 thoughts on “The Gourmet Dog: Restaurant Review #2

    • Hi Aunty Dale! I’ll pass you over to Mum on this, as I didn’t see any vegies, only bits of chicken (It was a very generous serving, and all that chicken was sitting on top of a mound of vegies you can’t see. J says he’d quite happily drink the sauce they served his with! It’s a lot of fun being able to eat out with Mouse, and he always makes lots of friends because he’s decorative as well as good, and quiet).


  1. Marty K says:

    The Staff’s lunch looks delicious! I’m glad that your mum let you help her eat hers, although I do agree that you deserve your own piece of chicken. We had Japanese food on Monday, but alas, no foster puppers to share with. Our loss.


    • Hi Miss Marty! It was very yummy, but Mum did point out it wasn’t my mealtime, so if I had a meal-sized helping it would mean – gasp! – less later! I’m sorry you have no doggos around just now, it must be very boring and quiet!


  2. Japanese grub – yum yum yum. There’s a new Chinese/sushi place round the corner from me, which you’ve reminded me about – I’ve only been once, time for a second visit. Our curfew has just been pushed back to 11pm so restaurants can stay open a bit longer now. Here’s hoping that helps the hospitality industry a bit.


    • Hi Miss Jill! Our local Chinese restaurant has no dog-friendly spaces, so we’ve given it a miss for now. Mum says we are very fortunate to have been in an area that has not required any restrictions apart from the obvious ones of social distancing and logging in to anywhere we visit using our phones. She says we’ve been very spoiled and lucky…

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  3. It all looks scrummy – a shame your sensitive insides couldn’t cope with most of it but then our staff couldn’t cope with some of the things we eat, unless ‘Yuk, how disgusting’ is an appreciative comment but, judging by the looks on their faces when they say it we don’t think so,
    Flo & Stan 🐾


    • Hi Flo & Stan! Mainly my insides aren’t happy with lots of onion, garlic and chilli, which I think would go for most doggos. I take your point about Staffs not liking the stuff we sometimes snack on, but usually I’m pretty good about not eating the really so-called ‘disgusting’ stuff. I have to say, I like the Japanese stuff better than the Greek stuff they had before – octopus is OK, but chicken is the business! Mouse 🐾


  4. Going Batty in Wales says:

    I only discovered Japanese food this summer Mouse but it was delicious. I’d encourage Dad to go for a doggo friendly dish next time so you can have some of his as well as Mum’s. Orchid and Roo think you are very lucky to live where the weather is predictable enough to go out with your Staff to eat Not a lot of places (other than pubs) here have outside space though with Covid restrictions more cafes have set out tables on the pavements. .


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