Coffee Mornings

Coffee Morning!

Hello people, Mouse here.

Our next Happy Greys Social Club Coffee Morning will be on Sunday 26th September.

Starting at 9.30am, Miss Lotti and I and our Staffs will be at Social Café in Walkerston. If there are any Grey (or other sighthound) families out there who are free to join us, you will be very welcome. We are also always happy to see fur-riends of other persuasions, and hope Miss Bella will join us again as we enjoyed meeting her.

Bring a bowl and a blankie. There will be puppacinos… The Staffs say the human coffee is good, also the cakes and bickies, and I can personally vouch for the bacon!

Hope to see you there.


10 thoughts on “Coffee Morning!

    • Hi there! Mum says to say sorry she didn’t reply to this, because WordPress put it in the spam folder (sounds tasty!) and she has just found it. I think it would be great to meet Ozzy and Pipa, such a pity you’re so far away.

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