Coffee Mornings

New Friends #2

Hello people, Mouse here.

Tuppence: What is this ‘puppacino’ you speak of?

I’d like to introduce you to our new friend, Miss Tuppence. She and her Staff, Aunty Lyn W (as opposed to the original Aunty Lyn P, Lotti’s mum) came to our Coffee Morning on Sunday. A fine time was had by all, much conversation (both doggo and human), many coffees and puppacinos, some chocolate muffins (eeuw) and a generous serving of lamb jerky (yum). Miss Tuppence had her first  puppacino experience, and seemed to take to it like a dog to gravy! Sadly, Aunty Sharon and Bella were not able to attend this time as they have travel plans and packing to do, but hopefully next time.

Lotti: Did someone say jerky?

Meanwhile, the Staffs are plotting something called a Picnic. I’m sure that will be explained to me once the minions have finalised their plans, but I believe it involves grass, blankies, food within easy access of a greyhound snoot and lots of shameless begging. I will have to discuss strategy and technique with Lotti… Something about the Botanic Gardens was mentioned, but I’m not entirely sure, eavesdropping while pretending to be asleep is such an unreliable form of information-gathering.

Mouse: Eavesdropping is hard work… Just waiting for the word ‘Bone’ before I leap into action!

We are off travelling ourselves soon! Once again, the Staff and I are going north, for a nice break in Cairns. I’m looking forward to catching up on the Sniffs & Socials (that’s Doggo for ‘social media’) around the caravan park and in the off-leash dog parks up there. I’m also rather looking forward to the very acceptable bacon and puppacino for breakfast at Brother Jenkins Café. Once we’re back, we’ve scheduled the next Coffee Morning, which will be at 9.30am on Sunday 31st October at Social Café, as usual. A long time to wait, but there you are. As usual, the Staff will post an advisory a week before the event, and as always, all greys, sighthounds, fur-riends, fur siblings and associated Staff are welcome.

Till then, people. Mouse out.


19 thoughts on “New Friends #2

  1. Good morning Mouse Boy and welcome to beautiful Tuppence ❣️
    So glad you had a lovely time making a new friend and relaxing 😎
    How I wish we were coming with you to Cairns 😒 We were meant to meet at NH but looks like we will need to wait a year for that sadly. But I can always live vicariously through you. ❤️

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    • Hi, Aunty Chippy! It was a fun morning, and Tuppence was very good and well behaved and quiet, a real asset to the Social Club. Mum says NH will definitely happen One Day, so don’t give up hope, we will get together at some stage. And one day we’ll also get together in Cairns! Mouse xxx 🐾

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  2. Mimi says:

    Ah, Mouse, it’s so good to read about your exploits. Our greyhound Tabbie, who looks very much like you, by the way, eavesdrops until she hears “cookie”!


    • Hi, Miss Mimi! Welcome to the Happy Greys Social Club! Tabbie sounds lovely, very handsome, and she’s a sensible girl to chill out and relax until the magic words are spoken. We greys have to conserve our energy for Important Stuff like food, life is so zorsting otherwise!


  3. Well haven’t you been busy Mouse, that’s quite a social calendar you have there – and now off on another caravan trip to Cairns. Beware of the virus, I heard Qld is thinking that a lockdown is on offer again…


  4. Hi Mouse, Flo here. Well, Stan is quite taken with Miss Tuppence. *sniff*. She’s alright for a little dog I suppose. I see you have a large version of the fluff beds our staff bought for the cats. I try to squeeze myself into one occasionally – I favour the pink ones – but the staff say I have my own bed and have squidged the ones for the cats out of shape.
    I hope you have a jolly time of it off on your travels again – you are a lucky boy going everywhere with the staff. I expect it’s because you’re so well behaved. I suppose that’s why we get left behind with the radio on when our staff go anywhere we’re likely to cause ‘a ruckus’. Honestly!
    Laters. Flo 🐾


    • Hi Flo! Great to hear from you! I love my beds, I have three, and as well as being super-comfy they make good toys. Dad will be packing my grey one into the back seat of the ute so I can lounge in total comfort during the drive. I feel a bit sorry for the Staff on these trips, as their seats can’t possibly be as plush and comfy – but not so sorry I’d give mine up!


  5. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Nice to know you are making more friends and that the club is growing. That picnic idea sounds fun. We hope you will get the staff to keep us informed of all your travel adventures – we love hearing about them. O & R


    • Hi, Orchid & Roo! I think the Picnic idea sounds perfect for impromptu between-meal grazing for greyhounds. We are so perfect equipped to make a fast getaway with loot…. I’ll be sure to write posts about our travels as usual, with particular attention, as always, to doggo-friendly meals and activities.

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  6. Marty K says:

    Glad you made a new fur-riend. Tuppence is very cute, especially for a non-Greyhound. Looking forward to reading your upcoming travelogues. Hope everything works out so that your Staff is able to drive you up to Cairns. Of course, though, protecting the Staff is priority one.


    • Tuppence is a very, very nice doggo, and is welcome at any of our future events. We are keeping an eye on the lockdown reports, and hope that the restrictions will be lifted by next week, which is when we’re off. If not, we’ll have to either stop before Townsville (which is our first waypoint and is currently restricted), or drive through and stay somewhere just north of it. The Staff have things under control…


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