A New Outfit…

Hello people, Mouse here.

She’s at it again. Mum has made me a new Outfit.

Look, it’s nice and colourful, and it’s comfy enough, I’ve demonstrated I can sleep happily in it (True. The slight snoring and paw-twitching were a testament to its comfiness – Mum). It’s just… it’s different. Smells new. Makes a different noise, especially the buckle. Weighs a bit more. On the upside, it’s more flexible, and hey, I look gorgeous! Apparently there’s a matching leash, which is pretty dang stylish – every dog needs matching accessories. I’d say it was time for a test run into town, but apparently that will have to wait a day or so. The Staff have friends coming for coffee tomorrow, so I shall be able to swank about a bit then.

Mum’s not alone, mind you. Apparently, Aunty Lyn is also rattling away at her sewing machine, and text messages and photos have been flying backwards and forwards between the Staffs. I wonder what we’ll be seeing next… I’ll see if Miss Lotti can fill me in if we see her tomorrow on walkies, because Mum’s playing her cards close to her chest…

Anyway, I have to go and request a frozen chicken neck. Places to go, things to do.

Catch you soon,



18 thoughts on “A New Outfit…

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  2. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Mum showed u the pictures in your Mum’s post and we were very impressed. Our Mum says there are structions (whatever they are) so we live in hope. O & R


    • Mum’s good at structions, and says if your Mum needs more detail, she’s happy to provide it. I must say, the collar and lead didn’t take her long, so maybe it isn’t that complicated. Hope you get something lovely to dress up in! Mouse 🐾


  3. Very snazzy.
    Our Mum makes all our collars too and, at the moment, I’m sporting a red and silver one whilst Stan wears a grey one with ‘Woof’ in yellow cartoon letters on it.
    Love Flo 🐾


    • Thanks Flo! I like the sound of your silver and red collar, I must say. Mum has another roll of webbing, in a teal and terracotta colourway, so I foresee another set at some stage. Because it has a buckle, Mum can take this one off a lot easier than my Greenhound collar, which is one of those adjustable jobs and disarranges my ears when it comes off…

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  4. Marty K says:

    Oh Mousiekins, you are so fancy! I love your new collar and am excited that you have a matching leash for special occasions too. After all, everyone should know what a fashion icon you are — black Greyhounds go with everything! 😉

    I’m a fan of the Martingale too — we sometimes use it (or an EasyWalk Harness) at the shelter with the doggos who pull too hard on our slipleads or who are “leash Houdinis” and good at getting out of them.


    • Hi Miss Marty! I do look good, don’t I? Mum has an eye for colours that suit me, among her other skills (like making me all sorts of useful Stuff). I must say, a martingale is nice and comfy: loose when you’re not pulling, and it never gets too tight for comfort. It CAN go off over my ears, but takes a fair bit of doing. Battles of will never seem to go that far… After all, I do remember who prepares my breakfast and dinner!


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