The Gourmet Dog

The Gourmet Dog: Restaurant Review #3

Hello people, Mouse here.

Our untiring and selfless search for Doggo-friendly places to eat continues. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it… Mum says that in her opinion, any place that has an outdoor eating area ought to welcome doggos, and so far, we have not been disappointed. Yesterday, we revisited an old friend of Mum and Dad’s: the Hog’s Breath Café in Mackay.

It’s right in the heart of Mackay’s ‘eating out’ district, being on the corners of Victoria and Wood Streets. Not fancy-schmantzy, but good steaks, ribs and burgers, and a few  other tasty things. There is pavement seating out the front, and doggos are welcome in this area.

Mum had Prawn & Mango Asian Salad with nam jim dressing and a side order of sweet potato fries, which she shared with me and Dad. She says the meal was reasonably low carb (because diabetes), and sweet potatoes are lower GI than white potatoes. Whatever… I like sweet potato better anyway! I also got a couple of bits of prawn after Mum had licked off the nam jim dressing, which smells OK to me but is apparently full of chilli, which I wouldn’t want. She says it was tasty, the prawns were well cooked and just spicy enough to be interesting without taking the roof of your mouth off!

Dad had Braised Lamb Shank with broccoli, curly fries and onion rings. Definitely NOT low carb, but that’s not something  he has to worry about. I had a bit of the lamb too, after Dad had removed the sauce, which had lots of that nasty onion in it. That was very nice indeed, and if I’m honest, I prefer lamb to prawn. Dad says the lamb was tasty and very tender, and the sauce was generous and rich, lots to mop up!

We took along my floof so I was comfy beside the table, and our neighbours  were very nice – the son, who was visiting from Brisbane, also had a nice Lady greyhound at home, so knew exactly how I like my scratches!

After dinner, we strolled down the street and dropped into another couple of places with outdoor seating to check their doggo policy. Both were very happy to receive Me, so there will definitely be more restaurant reviews in my future!  I got lots of attention and some strokies, as is only right, so I don’t mind this going out to eat thing at all!

Till next time,



13 thoughts on “The Gourmet Dog: Restaurant Review #3

  1. Marty K says:

    So fabulous that you met someone who could give you proper Greyhound strokies! I’m glad that you’re finding all these places to hang out and eat with the Staff. Our city is becoming more and more dog-friendly in that way too. I love meeting the puppers when Hubby and I are out and about, but am of course very careful to take my cues from their Staff and more importantly the body language of the doggos, themselves. (That lamb looks mighty good, as does Mum’s salad.)

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    • Hi, Miss Marty! Mum says she feels it’s unfair that members of the family should be excluded just because they have fur. Good table manners are important, of course, but no-one bans children because they’re noisy or messy, so why a nice, quiet, well-behaved doggo? I know what you mean about the body language… there was a family last night who passed us and got it totally right. They stayed back, asked permission, and the children didn’t whack me on the head but held out their paws hands so I could sniff them first.

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  2. Ooh, I like the look of Mum’s meal – not so much Dad’s as I’m a ‘sort of’ vegetarian.
    I’m glad those children had been taught the right way to approach a doggo because I imagine having a strange hand heading straight for you would be rather aggravating.


    • Hi, Aunty Lynn! You’re right about the hands; nothing more unsettling to an already uncertain doggo than small sticky paws grabbing at you, or large paws patting you roughly on the head. Why can’t they be sensible and stick out a palm for me to sniff first…? Mum says there was a bit too much fish sauce in the nam jim, but the rest was delicious! Say hi to Stan and Flo for me, please? 🐾

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  3. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Sounds like you are all having a good time – all in the interest of your readers of course! Maybe we should have our own blog too but Mum says that as Orchid can’t get in the car any more it would be pretty boring. So we shall continue to enjoy hearing about your adventures. O & R


    • Oh, the sacrifices I have to make! Still, stiff upper lip, and I must just soldier on – I have a certain position to maintain, after all. I’m glad to provide entertainment – I’m so sorry Orchid’s outing days are over, so I’ll try and make sure she has something fun to listen to. Mouse 🐾

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      • Going Batty in Wales says:

        It is a huge responsibility having staff to look after and entertain isn’t it Mouse? Orchid loves going out in the car but I have to say they build them so they are quite difficult for us to get into. Thank you for writing things for her to enjoy listening to – it will help me a lot to keep her amused. Cheers mate, Roo


      • Hi Roo! Mum says she wishes you were closer, because she’d offer you the ramp they got for me, which I don’t need or use. I’m sure it would help Orchid get on board with minimum ouches. I shall endeavour to produce some more entertaining material for you to regale her with, old son. It’s good of you to be such a kind companion to her. Mouse 🐾

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      • Going Batty in Wales says:

        That is very kind of your Mum Mouse – but then she sounds lovely in her own posts. O is a boring old biddy but one does one’s best. She was more fun when she was younger


    • Hi, Aunty Dale! Mum says: We haven’t been there in an age, but were casting about for somewhere to eat midweek that wasn’t too $$$, and when we found out that Mouse would be welcome, it was a no brainer.
      I must say, as a doggo I found the lamb nicer than the prawn, and have encouraged Mum to have steak next time!

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