The Travels of Mouse: Torrid Townsville

Hello people, Mouse here.

Gosh, it’s HOT. I am a Black Dog. I feel the heat, even though my fur is sleek and flat and fine. And it’s hot. Yesterday evening at 11.00pm it was 30°C/86°F and 90% humidity. Tropical… Cold water is coming out of the tap warm, and the concrete slab here isn’t nearly as cool as it should be. Last night we had a thunderstorm pass over, O joy, but luckily the Staff spotted the clouds coming, checked the BoM map and slipped me something tasty in my drinking water. I snoozed through it all, although to be fair, there wasn’t any thunder the humans could hear.

Anyway, on to the travelogue. Lunch yesterday was Bowen. Dad had Pie and a Sausage Roll from Jochheim’s, and Mum had ham salad roll. I don’t say pickings were scarce, it’s just that it was more lavish when Mum was eating pie too. Still, I did scrounge some ham from her roll. We are on our way north to Cairns, and as usual, we are stopping in Townsville en route to break the journey and make the travel a bit more civilised and comfortable. In practice, this means I lounge around in the air-conditioned car, then I lounge around on my Floof, then I lounge around on my air-conditioned bunk whilst the Staff scurry to make things comfy for Me. Oh, and them, of course. We are staying as always at the doggo-friendly Discovery Park in Wulguru, Townsville.

This morning, the Staff took me out to a nearby café to enjoy some cold milk whilst Dad had coffee and Mum had a cup of tea (and he had most of my tea milk, can I just say? – Mum). I got lots of admiration and strokies from passers-by, which was most acceptable. A few groceries were bought, and then we went on to one of the nicer dog parks in the city, Riverside Off-Leash Dog Park, in Cranbrook. It’s fenced on three sides, and the fourth side of the enclosure is the river, so doggos who like that kind of thing can swim. I’ve swum there before, but I passed this time, despite the heat.

Can we go now?

A bit of token prancing about, and then I let the Staff know i was ready to back to the nice cool car… We don’t normally come north this late in the year because of the heat, but a trip south had to be cancelled once again due to pandemic/ hotspots/ border closures, so here we are. I don’t mind too much so long as I can get cool at regular intervals, but hanging around in the sun is for Mad Dogs and Englishmen, and I am Not Mad. Mum (an English person, poor thing) insisted on hanging about a bit longer, taking some pretty peeps of the trees and the weir. What can I tell you…? She is a Law Unto Herself.

And as observed before, it’s HOT. So after that we retired back to our nice air-conditioned caravan, Mum made a human salad for lunch (home made coleslaw with cabbage, apple, grated carrot and zucchini, tomato and chunks of watermelon, topped with smoked salmon and hard boiled egg 😛), which was apparently very tasty, and then we had a nice extended snooze. (Well, he did, I checked emails, Dad did some admin, His Majesty snored…).

We’re moving on tomorrow. As usual, I will be supervising things from the air-conditioned comfort of my Floof. I expect there’ll be coffee (and sandwiches or cake) and a puppacino for me in Ingham, as usual, followed by lunch in Cardwell. I approve of Cardwell. It contains Pies… (can you tell he’s our dog? – Mum). By mid afternoon we’ll be in Cairns, and I’ll be able to relax again. The site is shady, there will hopefully be a breeze, Mum says she’s hoping the swimming pool will not be too crowded, and I expect my lounging, scoffing and strokies opportunities will be ample. If it’s still so hot, the Staff will probably head either up onto the Atherton Tablelands, or up the coast along the Captain Cook Highway to take advantage of the sea-breezes. I’ll let you know what we get up to as we go along…

And now, back to the all-important business of snoozing. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz


21 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: Torrid Townsville

  1. Happy holidays Mouse Boy …. I’m with u where the heat is concerned 😦 definitely NOT my favourite thing. But looks like you have your staff under control and I know they love u so your comfort is guaranteed 🤩
    Out in north so sunny Melbourne it’s rain and cold and more rain and more cold … but to be fair it was a glorious morning… I don’t mind it raining when it’s dark and I’m in my PJs with the heater on 😃. The rest of the weekend looks like it’s going to be the same and my bones are NOT happy 😆 ….
    Anyway my darling boy give mum & dad hugs from me & uncle J and keep the posts coming 😘


    • Hi Aunty Chippy! Sorry it’s not so nice down there, but I think you’d find it nearly as sweaty as Kolkata here after that rainstorm last night. Mum has been keeping us all well hydrated (and fed, naturally), and the humans have been doing that nasty sweating, while I merely pant elegantly! 🐾

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  2. Going Batty in Wales says:

    We have never experienced weather that hot – it sounds awful! We don’t have air conditioning but we do have shady spots. It sounds as though your staff are ensuring your comfort whatever the weather so enjoy your travels.


  3. Marty K says:

    After a gorgeously cool and breezy fall day Tuesday (perfect for taking the dogs at the spca out for training and lots of sniffing, pets and love💙), it’s warmed up here and has been in the low to mid 30s C. At least the nights have been cool, but we still have high winds, so crossing fingers that there none of the fires that have been breaking out take hold.

    The dog park looks like fun, and I completely understand your wanting to get out of the sun and back in the A/C. Please thank your mum for the gorgeous pictures. Those clouds look just like puffs of stuffing out of a plushie toy (not that you would ever deign to destroy a plushie looking for the squeaker).

    Your mum’s salad sounds fabulous! I adore watermelon in salads — or just watermelon salad with fresh oregano, mint, feta, thinly sliced red onion (I know, not for doggos 🐶), sea salt, cracked pepper, and a good, fruity olive oil. Hope you get some delicious tidbits tomorrow. Sounds like your dad needs to be reminded that sharing is caring.❤️😉


    • Hi Miss Marty! Mum says she must be part doggo because she doesn’t care for raw onion at all and it doesn’t care for her too! Otherwise, she likes the sound of your salad as well. She says she makes a lot of ‘rainbow bowl’ salads dressed with hummus. Sounds dreadful. Give me some nice raw steak any day…


    • Hi, Aunty Dale! There have been developments and I am Not Happy, but more of that in my next post. At least I’m finally cool again…. Mum has asked me to say that we are now hoping to be in (NH together with Aunty Chippy and Uncle J) from 3rd-7th March next year. The leave is booked, but Mum is holding off on the accommodation a little longer. Please pencil it it, as we’d all love to catch up! Mouse 🐾 Nose boops


  4. Hi Mouse, it did get to those temperatures in S.W. France where we used to live but the humidity wasn’t nearly that bad and, as we didn’t have air conditioning, we’re very glad about that. Now we’re in more temperate climes it’s more comfortable but we do get muddy a bit more often if we walk through fields. Stan loves to swim in the river – especially if he gets a stick thrown in for him to retrieve – but I only paddle occasionally to please the humans.
    Love Flo xx🐾


    • Hi Flo! Gosh, I don’t like the idea of being so hot without having a nice cool house to retreat into… I’m afraid I don’t do muddy unless it can’t be helped, for which Mum says she’s grateful, cleaning my mucky paws after a wet walk is bad enough, let alone a Whole greyhound… I like a paddle myself, the beach isn’t too far away and generally a beach visit means I get a huge zoomie in as well, which is lots of fun! Mouse 🐾

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  5. Yoh! Mouse, I’m with you about the heat. 30 deg at 11pm is a nightmare – it’s bad enough for me during the days here in the summer, and I’m an English rose like your mum. Hope you have lots of holiday fun!!!!


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