The Travels of Mouse: “Outrageous Fortune”*

It really IS an Outrage.

Having put up graciously with the upheavals of packing once again, I had expected to be lounging about in Cairns by now, by way of some top-level scrounging in Cardwell for lunch.

I dunno, you just can’t get the help. 75km/46 miles from Townsville, the car made a quiet but strange noise and… turned itself off. Consternation from the humans, but we coasted safely to the side of the luckily newly-widened road. Dad disappeared under the bonnet, but it seems the Big Four-Ss were missing: no Sights, Sounds, Smells or Smoke. It all looked very normal and tidy, just… dead. We called RACQ Recovery, as Dad has had the foresight to get top cover. Mum and I retired to the shade of a nearby tree to wait. An hour later, we were on our way. The car was on the back of the low loader, which also towed the caravan, and I and the Staff were in the back seat of the truck. I did NOT approve of this, as there was no floof available, it was very high and Dad had to boost me, and the seat was too small for me to lie down properly. So I left the truck man a generous donation of drool back there to explain my feelings.

We are now Stuck in a caravan park 111km/69 miles from Townsville, 3km outside Ingham, where we will have to wait until Monday to find out if the car can be fixed quickly or if it will take days. Cairns is off, it appears, and I am Not Happy. Nor are the Staff, naturally, but they are doing everything they can to ensure My comfort. It seems they have always though it would be fun to explore Ingham when passing through on previous occasions, but never had the time to stop. Now they have the time, but sadly, not the car. “I have a bone to pick with Fate”*

So, I must just make the best of it. There is a swimming pool for the humans, Dad is going to put up my private enclosure soon, there’s a bit of a breeze blowing and the site has some shade. The caravan park is a bit far to walk into town in full sun and temperatures over 30°C/86°F, especially carrying groceries on the way back, although it might be OK in the cool of the evening… Maybe. Luckily we can have food and groceries delivered, so at least none of us will starve.

It doesn’t appear I will have any fascinating travels to share with you this time, but as Mum has pointed out, a bit of enforced rest will hurt none of us.

I’ll keep you posted if there are any exciting developments. Yeah, right. The only Interesting Thing that happened today that was not also a Bad Thing was passing a blue tree on the highway. As Mum so succinctly put it after she managed to grab this photo: “Just… why?”.

Mouse out.


*These quotes have been brought to you courtesy of that Shakespeare bloke. I feel like he really understands Me, especially the bone picking bit…


21 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: “Outrageous Fortune”*

  1. Was it not that Shakey spear bloke wot wrote “To be or not to be, that’s yer alternator blown, mate, and no mistake”? Well, no, but what did he know? Clearly this has been traumatic for you Mouse and the Staff should be lavishing you with treats of some kind to help you through. 😀


    • Sir, you clearly understand my problem!
      (Dad says timing belt. Recovery bloke says the same. Shakespeare would almost certainly have had an opinion too.) Mum, thankfully, has retained a sense of her duty and priorities. I have received treats, calming drops, lot of attention and Cheese for dessert. I was briefly concerned when she disappeared in the swimming pool, but she got out and dried off in time to prepare My Dinner. Thank you for your support and understanding in these stressful times. Mouse 🐾

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  2. Mouse, have you been reading Hamlet again? It’s definitely one of that “Shakey blokes” better plays, isn’t it? Sorry to hear about your car troubles but clearly Dad has everything under control and Mum’s right about “enforced rest”. Time to chill out and smell the roses, boyo 🙂


  3. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Oh Mouse, that’s terrible! First the car stopping without so much as a by-your-leave, then having to be Boosted – shudder – into a high up truck seat and NO FLOOF! And now being stuck on a campsite not chosen with great care by the staff for your comfort and delight. We suppose it wasn’t deliberate on their part and they are clearly suffering too but make sure you make the most of it and get loads of extra treats and fuss. We shall be waiting to hear how you survive. O&R


    • Hi, Orchid and Roo! My sufferings were great, but I put a brave face on it (say what, you sensitive blossom? – Mum). I now have a rather nice enclosure including the concrete slab and some grass to roam leash-free, Mum has prepared several days-worth of meals and the caravan park is acceptably full of very aromatic Socials to investigate and leave my own comments on. There are several other doggos here, with whom I have exchanged polite but reserved greetings (I mean, what is one supposed to say to a pug?), so it feels pretty homey. Just as well, considering we’re stuck here. I shall keep you informed…. Mouse 🐾

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    • Hi Aunty Dale! It could be so much worse… This is a nice van park, and Dad has good cover. Also, Mum has cancelled Cairns and got a full refund, and so far, we’re not out of pocket at all. Monday will be crunch day, when we find out IF they can fix the Triton here or if the Staff will have to pay to tow it back to Townsville (which is OF COURSE just outside the 100km range they cover). Meanwhile, I’m lying in the shade, drinking lots of water, taking very short walks and doing a lot of snoozing. The Staff are discussing worst-case outcomes in case Monday brings bad news. That’s their job, I’ll stay out of it. Nose boops, and my best wishes to Deez. Mouse 🐾

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    • Hi Miss Marty! I have to say, it’s not interfering with me much at all, but it’s making life a bit tricky for the Staff… I hope the worry will not interfere with service to Me, but I suppose I shall have to be understanding. Mum says she wishes we had brought the bikes, she could at least cycle into town to collect some groceries, instead of ordering them for delivery and not being able to choose for herself. Something to think of for next time, maybe.

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