The Travels of Mouse: Well, finally….

Hello people, Mouse here.

It seems the Staff have come to their senses. After days and days of the most boring stuff, we’re finally going Home. Ahhhh, that word. My own beds, my own back yard, all the friendly smells and familiar message-posts, decent walkies and space to stretch my legs.

We were stuck in that Ingham place for a week! Well, nearly, but it felt like forever. Mum says she just has to view it as a mini-lockdown and something we just had to endure. Nice caravan park, mind you, but nowhere much for an interesting walk, there were some rude barky doggos, and it was very hot except very early in the morning, so I wasn’t much inclined to lie outside in my private enclosure. I like the caravan a lot, but it gets old after days and days of the same four walls (Oh mate, I hear you – Mum).

Lockdown lunch – well, you’ve got to have something to look forward to!

Anyway, Dad left on Wednesday at lunchtime and caught the train home. It takes 7 hours – we could drive it faster, and it stops everywhere, but it got him back there. So he stayed with the Dowager (aka Dadsmum), and the next morning went and collected a hire vehicle, and then drove back up to Ingham. Meanwhile, Mum and I stayed put. Mum started packing up the caravan and I helped by staying out of the way, snoozing on my bed. Next morning she did the rest of it, folding up awnings, packing up chairs, taking down water and waste lines, etc. We were ready when Dad arrived mid-afternoon.

Townsville stop in sight…

Then we had the fun bit. The Staff had to change the tow set-up to allow the weight distribution thingy to be added to the towball. And it was stuck. The neighbour in the next caravan had an Even Bigger Shifter than Dad’s, which is saying something. And still it was stuck, until Mum suggested using some bit or other to extend the shifter, and that worked. But we lost half an hour. Mum got me set up in the back of the hire vehicle with the aircon running, so I just went to sleep while they fiddled about, seemingly forever. Anyway, we got on the road at about 4pm, got to Townsville about 5, and by 6pm I’d been walked (thank goodness!) and fed, and the rest was up to the Staff.

Can you tell I’m happy to be on our way?

And this morning, we’re Off!  Home at last. 5 hours and nearly 400km/250 miles, and we’ll be there. I will be demanding a lunch-stop in Bowen for Pie, of course, but that’s pretty much automatic on these trips.

The Staff still don’t know what’s happening to the car, which is still up there, being assessed on Monday. If it can be fixed easily, Dad will take the train back up at some point and collect it and drive it home. If it can’t, Dad will take a car trailer up to collect it and bring it home to go to the Mitsubishi garage. It’s all very complicated, and frankly, I can’t be bothered, but it’s annoying not to have My Car available when I want to go for a drive. Meanwhile, Dad’s going to ride that big red noisy thing to work, and Mum will walk to the shops. It’s nothing to do with me, of course; so long as I get fed regularly, it’s up to the Staff to sort all that stuff out.

I’m just glad all the nonsense is over and I can get back to my normal routine…


20 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: Well, finally….

  1. This bit of writing by Robert Burns might have been written for you… To a Mouse, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” But a wise woman, Julian of Norwich also wrote… “And all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” ♡


    • Hi, Aunty Dale! Mum likes that poem, she says I am a ‘Sleekit, timorous beastie”. A gross calumny, of course. I’m sleek, sure, but I’m *cautious*… Mum says:
      Julian of Norwich also said something along the lines of being challenged and facing hardship and discomfort, but not being overcome. I’ll take that. But did you know she was also a gardener? “Be a Gardener. Dig a ditch. Toil and sweat. And turn the earth upside down. And seek the deepness. And water plants in time. Continue this labor. And make sweet floods to run, and noble and abundant fruits to spring.” So thank you for the encouragement, and here are my words back to you 😊 🌱

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    • Hi Miss Jill, we’re home, and it’s SO much nicer. The caravan is fun, but it’s not very big for two humans, one large, and a dog. It’s 4m x 2m, and gets a bit confining when you can’t go anywhere else because no car and 31°C outside…. I have checked My house and My back yard and I’m now lying on My bed, having also checked the Staff’s bed. Dinner has been served, and all is well in my world, at any rate…

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    • Hi Aunty Lynn, it was a bit… I must be fair, the Staff did do their utmost to make sure that I was comfortable and fed and safe. Do you know, they could have been home the next day If I hadn’t been travelling with them? I call it dedicated to turn down the chance just because the tow truck wouldn’t allow me to travel in the cab. I mean seriously? Did they expect me to sit in the car in 31°C without the aircon running for the six hours it would have taken to get back? Big fat nope, says Mum. So I am preciating my Staff lots just now! Mouse xx

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      • Hi Flo & Stan! Yes…. I must think about that. Service has been quite up to scratch since our return, too. I must say, it has been very nice to rediscover all my usual snoozing spots and eat familiar meals again… M 🐾


  2. But what an adventure (in hindsight of course) and one that hopefully you will never partake of again! Let’s hope your regular outing vehicle can be fixed and everyone will be happy again…


    • I’m sure that in a week or so, I’ll have managed to forget the worst of it, and will be able to concentrate on the adventure aspect instead! We have a long list of ‘If this, then that’ relating to how bad the car problem may be and what we do about it…

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