Coffee Mornings

Coffee Morning(s)!

Hello people, Mouse here.

I’m delighted to announce our first Christmas Coffee Morning. I hope it’s the first of many more future Christmas and other seasonal events. The Greys and our Staffs, Friends and associated Furiends will be gathering for a spot of festive coffee (and possibly breakie – I do, by the way, accept tribute in the form of a bit of bacon) at a different venue on this occasion, for reasons which will become clear.

We’ll be meeting at the Mackay Botanic Gardens Café, Lagoon Street, on 5th December at 8.30am rather than 9.30am to avoid the worst of the heat. The Staff have arranged for a table in a doggo-friendly area of the café, under cover and in the shade. Currently the booking is for 7 Staff and 5 doggos, but this can be increased or decreased as required. The nice people there are looking forward to seeing us all, as they love doggo visitors.

Location of the Café. There is parking in the car park and along Lagoon Street. Click to enlarge.

Meals menu. Click to enlarge

Drinks & snacks menu. Click to enlarge

There is a wide menu available, and as it’s a bit earlier in the day, everyone may wish to enjoy a spot of breakfast, which looks pretty decent. Failing that, stay a bit longer and have lunch – there’s plenty of choice available!

Also, Mum has checked, and they have lactose free milk for our puppacinos, so no doggo tummies will be upset.

(Mum has also asked me to say that she is happy to produce some sort of Christmas accessory or outfit for Me if other Staff think festive costumes for the doggos are appropriate. I’m prepared to put up with something, so long as it’s not the reindeer antlers from last year…  Please let her know, either by a comment below or using the email address: happygreyssocialclub(at)gmail(dot)com.)

As part of the plan, we also have the whole of the beautiful Botanic Gardens to enjoy afterwards for walkies, as it is all dog-friendly. Such an enlightened attitude compared with some other places… I expect there will be other doggos, but of course, we are Greyhounds, and must be friendly and gracious. Going forward, it would be fun to include regular walk events as part of our get-togethers, but of course it depends on the location.

This will be our final Coffee Morning for the year. Please pencil in the first one for 2022, at 8.30am on 23 January at Social Café.

Until then,

Mouse out


19 thoughts on “Coffee Morning(s)!

  1. Marty K says:

    Looks like it will be a fun morning. Mouse, I think a holiday-themed collar/leash ensemble would be the sophisticated solution to your festive needs. 💜


    • Hi Miss Marty! I think so too, no antlers or Santa hats or elf ears… I don’t mind a bit of tinsel or some fake holly (the real thing being a bit on the prickly side). I trust Mum will come up with some suitable options..


    • Hi Aunty Dale, It’s great! You see walkers, cyclists, runners, doggos and their walkers, picnickers, people doing yoga, tai chi and chi gong. It’s very popular and well used, which is why I took the precaution of getting Mum to book a table for us really well in advance. We’re all looking forward to it! Mouse 🐾


  2. Sounds like an event to look forward to Mouse. Over the years, all the cats and dogs of the family have been subjected to reindeer antlers, light up santa hats and various other festive paraphernalia and one year, I shudder to recall, I wore a complete Santa suit which, thankfully, was swiftly removed after the obligatory photo was taken. I don’t think such suits are easily acquired for gents of your stature so you may escape.
    Stan 🐾


    • Oh, Stan mate, I’m so sorry, that must have been a hideous ordeal…. No, I believe Mum is thinking more along the lines of some sort of collar decoration. I could go a bauble or two, or a bit of tinsel, so long as there’s no elf, reindeer or Santa stuff. I mean, if Santa wanted to get around the world in one night, he made a mistake getting *reindeer* pulling the sleigh. If you want speed, you need greyhounds…


  3. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Hi Mouse. That sounds a lovely place to meet. Walkies with plenty of social media posts! Have fun. O & R (well just R actually because Orchid decided to come for a walk with us this morning, ran – yes ran! around the field and is now zonked on the sofa)


  4. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    Hello Mr Mouse, happy to see you are so pampered. If I would live in your area I’d bring bacon for you every day 😀 Take care !


    • Hi! Thank you so much for the kind thought about the bacon. Mum says if I get it every day it will make me fat, which is not a nice idea, plus too much salt is a bad idea. I’m not sure she’s right, but thank you anyway! Mouse 🐾

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