Coffee Mornings, Meet the Members

New Friends #6

Hello people, Mouse here.



Well, we’re growing! It was time for another Happy Greys Social Club Coffee Morning, and we were delighted to meet two new grey members, Miss Sasha and Miss Sunshine, and their Staffs, as well as a passing family who have moved here from Melbourne and have a grey. They sounded interested in joining us another time, so here’s hoping.

Miss Sasha is a real veteran, and I’ll be interested in sharing sniffs with her another time when she’s feeling a bit less shy and isn’t sporting a recent injury. No doggo is at her best in a situation like that!  Miss Sunshine is just a young’un, and is still very fit, with lots of racing muscle. She’s nearly as tall as I am! She was a bit shy of all the rest of us doggos at first, but was soon at her ease, and we had a nice companionable walk together later on.

As usual, the outing started with coffee for the Staffs and puppacinos for the rest of us. Some of us (I’m looking at you, Lotti) couldn’t wait for them to cool down properly!

The people at the Lagoon Café were lovely, as always, and I had a selfie done with one of the young ladies, who always remembers my name. Most gratifying to receive the recognition I know I deserve!

After a lot of Staff chatting and snacks for the doggos, it was time for walkies, and we all set off: Me, Lotti, Tiki, Sunshine, Sasha and of course, Miss Tuppence, who, while she is not of course a Grey, is always welcome! It has being doing a lot of that nasty raining recently and was nice and cool, and the smells were in top shape! It got a bit slow as each of us in turn had to investigate fascinating aromas and naturally had to leave ‘comments’. Mum says it’s social media for doggos, or perhaps GreyBook…

Sasha is a veteran at 10.5 years old, and as she was injured, her Staff decided not to overtax her strength so she left us part way through the walk, but we’ll hope to see her again next time. The rest of us carried on, and Dad managed a very decent photo of the four of us Greys in a line up. As the only bloke there, I was pleased to note that I’m still the biggest, although Sunshine comes a close second (size isn’t everything, Mouse-Mouse – Mum) (enough of your cheek – Mouse).

Anyway, a good time was had by all, and the Staff have now established dates for the next four Coffee Mornings, so here we are: 8.30am, Lagoon Café, Mackay Botanic Gardens, on 22nd May, 26th June, 17th July and 14th August. So get them in your diaries, everyone, and we’ll hope to see you then!

Till then, Mouse out 🐾


19 thoughts on “New Friends #6

  1. Marty K says:

    So nice to see you — big, handsome Mousiekins — with all your Greyhound friends (and adorable Tuppence, of course!). You all make a striking lineup — definitely a treat for passersby! I hope that Miss Sasha is feeling better and can join you for the full walkies next time.

    Reading the environmental “news” and leaving “editorial remarks” are some of the favorite pastimes of our dogs at the shelter as well as the ones I foster. I’m always glad when the doggos get to spend time in Snifferama. 🐶💙


    • Hi Aunty Marty! I knew you’d understand the importance of Dog Social! Mum is pretty patient about it when we’re on walkies, but the delays do compound when it’s a group of us!


  2. Going Batty in Wales says:

    So glad you are making more friends and ensuring your staff have nice outings. Orchid is very impresssed by how elegant all you greyhounds look. Roo insists she may not be a greyhoound but is very beautiful too in a different way! O & R


    • Hello! Orchid is right, we ARE elegant, but we are not too snooty to be good friends with Miss Tuppence, who is small and white and fluffy, so Roo is also correct, she is differently beautiful too. Mouse 🐾

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Aunty Jill! I know, and so far, they’re all ladies! No pressure, or anything. I was hoping Bill would come along to this one to help balance the numbers out a bit, but his Staff had to work. As for salons, I do like to hold court from my floof when we have visitors, but I quite quickly lose interest and take a nap, so perhaps that wouldn’t work so well…


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