Accessory Time!

Hello people, Mouse here.

Mum is feeling rather pleased with herself. She has discovered a rather tasteful new accessory…

While I agree it’s a fitting tribute to Me, I do wish she’d managed to find a black greyhound to adorn her ears, since black is clearly the Best colour (your opinion, Mouse, I’m sure other greys and their Staffs might disagree – Mum). Anyway, I do think they’re handsome, and she thought other greyhound mums might like to know where they come from.

Miss Emma had a pop-up stall at the Caneland Shopping Centre in Mackay today, but operates mostly online. I wasn’t there to sniff her properly, but according to Mum, she was very nice and said that they do have other colours available, just not at present. There are also stud-type earrings with the same head, and also heads with a Christmas hat and Easter Bunny ears (see above). Wouldn’t be seen dead, myself, but I know other doggos do enjoy a bit of dress-up occasionally.

Also, for non-grey doggo parents, there is a wide range of other doggos, and they’re all very well done and attractive. Mum says if you click on this link, it’ll take you to the doggo earrings on the website, plus there’s loads of other stuff, and here’s a picture of Miss Emma’s card for all her other social media.

On a side note, I don’t know how you people can seriously call it social media when you can’t even sniff it properly, and as for leaving comments, all that tippy-tappy is NOT how to leave a proper comment as we doggos know it…

Anyway, go and have a look, and if you’re a lady, why not buy yourself some elegant greyhound earrings! Oh, and Mum says to say this isn’t a sponsored link and we don’t get anything out of it, we’re just supporting a local business that makes pretty things.


10 thoughts on “Accessory Time!

  1. Going Batty in Wales says:

    You have your staff exceptionally well trained Mouse. We are delighted to know that Mum is wearing a tag to show who owns her – does it have your name and a phone number on the back? O & R


    • Hi Miss Cathy, I do feel that if your poor human nose had access to the delightful range of information available to the doggo nose, you’d agree that Our way is the Right way. And we don’t even need a laptop or phone. But we must agree to differ…


  2. Mouse, I know that sometimes social media csn be a bit figuratively “on the nose”… but it’ll do because I’m choosy about what I literally put in proximity to my nose. Mum’s ear decorations are cute but imo definitely needs black for formal wear as well as homage to Mouse!


    • Hi Aunty Dale! Yes, I’ve noticed a similar trend with other humans. What’s delightful to us is not so hot for you… And yes, Mum does need proper black earrings, but these’ll do for the time being, I think.


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