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Unauthorised absence!

I am outraged! The Staff are off on a jolly WITHOUT ME.

They are going to see Aunty Chippy in Melbourne and apparently, I can’t go. (Well, if you want to spend hours and hours and hours in a small crate in the hold of the plane, and maybe sit on the tarmac in the cold, and not get any treats or snacks or company…. Up to you, boss, but we were only thinking of your happiness and comfort – Mum).

It seems I am to pay a visit of my own, to stay with Aunty Lyn and Miss Lotti. As Mum has pointed out, this will be more fun than travelling on a plane for a large doggo such as myself, and certainly much more enjoyable than the Dreaded Kennels. We went to visit the Kennels once. It was very pleasant, but the accommodations were more slanted towards easy-clean and less towards greyhound-lounging comfort, and there were lots of other extremely barky dogs. Also, the Staff there would not have paid as much attention to My needs and wants as Aunty Lyn, who is an experienced greyhound Staff. The only downside really is that Miss Lotti will try to steal my food. And my beds. And will talk a lot. Much like being married, according to Dad…

All my Stuff (beds, blankie, medication, treats, etc) is going with me. Mum has prepared meals so that I have familiar food. Aunty Lyn will have all the essential supplies. The only thing not going is Bad Monkey, as I can’t trust Miss Lotti not to disembowel him, her prey drive is very high. If anyone’s punishing Bad Monkey, it’s me.

I suppose I can put up with it. It seems they’re dropping me off this morning and collecting me on Wednesday evening next week. It’s a tough gig, but I will put a noble and long-suffering face on it, and punish them with massive side-eye and sulking when they get back. This is an offence that can only be compensated by large quantities of chicky-pops (aka frozen chicken necks).

Hmmm. There’s something to look forward to!


15 thoughts on “Unauthorised absence!

  1. Marty K says:

    Mousiekins, trust me — you will be MUCH better off with Aunty Lyn and Miss Lotti than flying cargo. It’s really noisy and the company has very little in the way of conversation skills. Our shelter occasionally flies doggos to other cities so they can find their furever homes and I always feel bad when they can’t go first class.

    Just make sure to eat all your food (but not too fast). Also, while Miss Lotti is stealing your bed, you can steal hers! Mwahaha! 😈 You’ll have a wonderful reunion with Bad Monkey to look forward to — absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe Aunty Lyn will read your blog post and even surprise you with a chicky-pop or two or at least some extra skritchies. 💞


    • Hi, Miss Marty! Mum and Dad have just Abandoned Me at Aunty Lyn’s, but so far, it’s not too bad, so I didn’t get all anxious – they left while I was around the back so I didn’t see them go without me. I did smell a whole container of chicky-pops, and while I know that Good Dogs share, I hope Miss Lotti doesn’t expect more for being the host…


  2. Mouse your sleepover sounds like a plan! Airplanes are not much for people let alone doggos. With so many holidays and gatherings crashed by covid it’s very nice of you and your friends to accommodate your mum and dad taking a city break to catch up with too long too far flung friends.


    • Hi Aunty Dale! Well, I suppose I had better be the Bigger Dog about this, since the Staff seem to be skiving off anyway. All I can say is, they’d better come back refreshed and keen, and it wouldn’t go amiss to get a very large serve of extra treats out of it too. There will be Side Eye and Sulking, oh yes…


  3. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Hi Mouse, When our Mum goes away Lindy comes to stay and I have to say it works rather well. She is much more susceptible to pathetic looks and is very generous with the cuddles and treats. It is much better than going in a car and being cooped up for hours and hours. I have no idea what a plane is or what going that way would be like but the things they have told you don’t sound fun at all. Hope it goes well. Roo (Orchid went to the V place last week and hasn’t come home)


    • Hi Roo. I’m so sorry to hear Orchid has gone ahead, old mate, you must be missing her. I do agree that the plane business sounds a bit toxic, and frankly, this was probably the least disruptive to my preferred lifestyle. Aunty Lyn is top notch, and will certainly be generous with the treats. It’s really all this independent gallivanting on the part of the Staff that I find rather disturbing. Nose boop, Mouse 🐾

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      • Going Batty in Wales says:

        Thank you Mouse. It feels funny not having Orchid around but Mum is taking me out with her more because I can be trusted not to chase small animals so I am getting to meet lots of people who fuss me. I agree that independent gallivanting is not to be encouraged but play on their guilt and get more treats. Wag, Wag to you too.


      • I’m glad your Mum is giving you some extra fuss. The Staff are good at the fuss aspect and fairly lavish with the treats, but I confess I feel rather miffed at not being included in the outing.

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  4. Poor Mouse, how very dare they? I’d give them the cold shoulder on their return, none of that rushing round in circles delighted to see them malarkey. I’m sure you’ll be very well looked after and perfectly happy, but don’t encourage your staff to think annual leave is acceptable. They will get ideas.


    • Hi Miss Cathy, you’re so right, it is totally an outrage. I certainly won’t be wagging my tail or rushing up to them. On the other hand, I did get a reprieve from the Kennels option, and Aunty Lyn is really very nice, so perhaps I’d better reserve judgement…


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