More clothes, dammit

The Staff have been at it again.

Now, I’m all for supporting good causes, especially if they involve greyhounds. And the Staff can do what they like with the foldy and clinky stuff, so long as I’m comfortably housed and properly fed and have nice holidays. But I do object to becoming a dress-up dolly.

Dad recently saw something on the IWaG website about a fundraiser event. He showed it to Mum. Mistake. She Bought stuff. For Me.

Yes, OK, it’s a very nice cosy coat. And it has been slightly chilly the past couple of weeks for this part of the world. I’m sure doggos from Down South would laugh at the idea of 20°C being chilly, but for us tropical sorts it is. So a coat wasn’t a totally bad idea. It’s just… I feel a bit of a berk wearing one.

However, Mum loves me in it, and it is an awfully nice soft micro-minky velour fabric (see, I do listen, Mum), and it does suit me. She even put on my Fancy Collar for the photos because she feels it ‘goes’ better.

So I suppose I’d better be as gracious as I can about the whole thing, seeing as it is for a Good Cause.

Only, you don’t think it’s a bit, well, girly for a big black greyhound, do you…?



18 thoughts on “More clothes, dammit

  1. Marty K says:

    I don’t find it “girly” at all. Many gentlemen are wearing brighter colors these days. I think your new coat really suits your own beautiful fur, especially with such a smart-looking collar. It also looks like it will be soft and cozy for those cooler strolls.

    And thank you for teaching me a new word! 💜


    • Well, that’s reassuring, Aunty Marty. And yes, *everything* goes with black. I must admit, it’s very comfy and cosy, even for snoozing in. As for the new word, it’s one of Mum’s favourite, generally uttered in withering tones. She says it’s short, descriptive, pungent and not at all profane. The perfect epithet, in fact.


  2. Going Batty in Wales says:

    You look very handsome Mouse! I know that those colours are a bit of a change from your usual restrained elegance but loosen up a bit mate and enjoy something playful. You know your Mum loves bright colours so get used to it and don’t forget she could have but bling all over it as well. Roo


    • Aaargh! The very idea! Although, Mum says she’d quite like to see me in an Elizabethan ruff (whatever that is). Sounds a bit too much like the Cone of Shame, if you ask me…


    • You may be right, Miss Cathy. Last week’s coffee morning it was all girls but for me… Still, as Mum has pointed out, I’m beyond caring about that since my Little Op. I must say, it does keep things nice and simple – all theory, no action, as you might say.


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