Meet the Members

New Friends #8

Hello people, Mouse here.

Today, Lotti and I were delighted to welcome a new member of the group. His name is Mookaite, or Mooka for short, and he’s a 15-month-old  young’un in a rather attractive pale fawn brindle and white colour scheme. Of course, as a pup, Lotti and I were in a position to offer him some tips, share snacks and generally keep him in line if he got a little, well, over-excited

Because he and Aunty Britt weren’t able to make the party on Sunday, she and Mum and Aunty Lyn decided to go for walkies separately before Mooka has to face the full pack, which was probably a good idea. He had both ends of the temperament spectrum to experience today; I’m quiet and placid, and Lotti’s vocal and excitable. He’s a nice young fella, but still rather excitable himself, and I had to have Words at one point. Being just a pup, he’s never raced, so he may need the benefit of my discipline and experience to help him calm down and show some decent greyhound reserve and good manners!Lotti of course had to get her ten cent’s-worth in, and I had to politely mention that we needed to make allowances for his age when it looked like she was going give him a very extensive dressing down. She’s a wonderful girl, but she doesn’t half go on sometimes…

There was an acceptable level of treat-giving going on. Mum brought the rest of the PNB dog-cookies, which slipped down nicely, and Aunties Lyn and Britt also had snacks, so we were well rewarded for being on good behaviour.

If walkies is going to result in similar extended snacking opportunities next time, I’m all for it, and a little puppy-type behaviour is a small price to pay. Lotti will just have to learn to put up with it…

Till next time,

Mouse, out 🐾


11 thoughts on “New Friends #8

  1. Marty K says:

    Mooka is a handsome adolescent. I’m sure that he’ll benefit from your wisdom, Mouse. It was nice of you to share your bickies with him and Lotti.


    • Hi Aunty Marty! He’s a good chap, but so…. energetic. He’s still very young, though, and was already much calmer by the end of the walk, so I think he just needs to get used to other dogs. And to be fair, he shared the snacks Aunty Britt brought along too!


  2. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Youngsters can be annoying but it is our job to show them the ropes and teach them manners. Glad you got plenty of snacks by way of thanks. Roo


    • He’ll be fine, he was just terribly excited at meeting other doggos! And of course, being young, he just wanted to play. Sometimes the pups don’t understand that there’s a time and place… Anyway, he’s a good lad and I look forward to more walkies with him and Aunty Britt.

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