A serious job

Hello people, Mouse here.

I have an Important Job to do right now. The Staff are both sick. Huge inconvenience to Me, of course, but they are decent help, and I must look after them (or, let’s face it, service will rapidly deteriorate). So far, the supply of meals, walkies, strokies and chickypops has not been affected, but if they get any worse, I foresee a Situation.

Dad is somewhat on the mend, but Mum is clearly not on top form. Not that I have any real complaints, but she’s doing an awful lot of snuffling and sneezing and is obviously in some discomfort. So I have taken on the onerous task of Keeping Her In Bed. Recovery must happen soon if I am to be kept in the style I deserve. Accordingly, I am undertaking Observation, and pinning her down when she shows signs of wanting to get up and Do Stuff. It’s a demanding task, and occasionally I simply have to close my eyes and take a quick snooze…

So far she has snuck away a couple of times (dishwasher, laundry, My meals, their meals, etc), but I can be very firm when necessary. On these occasions, the Paw of More becomes the Paw of Stay Right There Missy, Where D’you Think You’re Going?

We actually had to cancel today’s Coffee Morning; I couldn’t risk passing this bug of theirs on to my colleagues’ Staffs or I’d never hear the end of it. One must consider the important doggos in the case, don’t you agree?

Oh, the sacrifices I have to make for the sake of a comfortable life.


19 thoughts on “A serious job

  1. Good on you Mouse Boy for watching over dad & mum & I’m glad you are calling the shots 🤩 I know mum too well and she will sneak off to get “chores” done …. But you hold strong and make her rest. I was tempted to call her today but ‘things’ got in the way. I’m in the process of getting something together for ScrapHappy August so will call mum tomorrow 🥰


  2. Oh dear a dreaded lurgy. Such things have been going ’round many Staffs and good dogs have been called to action to oversee recoveries. It’s a good thing Mouse that your Mum and Dad have you to supervise the situation and also for thinking that you should let us know… I thought your Mum had been a bit quiet.


  3. Marty K says:

    Oh no, Mouse! I’m so sorry The Staff is under the weather. I’m sure your presence is helping them to mend quickly. Keep up the supervision and things will be sorted soon. Please convey my get-well wishes to them! 💕


    • Hi Aunty Marty! I have had Mum pinned down for most of the day, but she escaped this evening. She was unsupervised for a good 20 minutes, up to *something*, which she says I’ll find out about tomorrow… Still, I was fed on time and she does seem to be appreciative of the company, so I spose I can’t complain. I’ll let you know what she was being mysterious about later! 🐾


  4. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Oh Dear Mouse! Not good news! But I am glad that you have had at least the most important bits of your care attended to. Well done for keeping the staff resting. I mean getting up to do laundry! Why is that important? We know that when under the weather the thing to do is curl up and sleep. It’s a shame about the coffee morning but you were quite right to cnacel and protect your friends from having to nurse their staff too. I hope yours get better soon and esume normal service. All the best, Roo.


    • Hello Roo! Well, as regards the laundry, Mum said there was a handkerchief crisis, and if she was washing those she might as well do a full load. I’m not quite clear why she can’t wipe her nose on the nearest bit of cloth, like I do (I find the leg of her flannel PJs rather handy), but that’s Staff for you. And I can quite see that a big pot of chicken soup was useful to keep her strength up, and so on. I’ll never fully understand Staff so-called ‘thinking’, but I struggle on to maintain standards… Mouse 🐾

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