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The Travels of Mouse: too many bends

Hello people, Mouse here.

I’ve had to speak to Dad about this before. It disarranges me to be sliding about in the back of the car while he flings the car around sharp corners (Um, ‘sliding’? ‘flings’? No exaggeration there, then, Mouse? – Mum). Well, anyway. Yesterday they asked if I wanted an outing, which of course I always do, but they didn’t tell me we were going up the Gillies. I urge you to click on the link so you can see my complaint is fully justified… Such a relief to get to the top, even if the Staff were enjoying the view. I do concede there were some decent sniffs to be had out the window and I had my head out a fair bit, bends or no bends.

Sniffs on the Gillies Range

We went to the Mungalli Creek Dairy for lunch. I made sure to position myself at the entrance for maximum attention and admiration, and in prime position to receive suitable bits of Mum’s lunch. Several very nice ladies offered strokies, which was very satisfactory. We’ve been there before several times before, so I won’t bore you except to say biodynamic dairy farm café, tasty cheese, yoghurt and ice cream made on site, and home made cakes and cheesecakes. Mum’s local ham and Havarti cheese toasted focaccia was most acceptable. Dad didn’t let me try his Italian-style focaccia because olives. Fair enough. Suffice to say they have lots of dog-friendly seating, both picnic tables out the front and the whole front verandah area. I approve…

That girly pink bowl belongs to the café, not me!

Carrot cake, flourless chocolate cake

They did bring home cake, though, and I got an exceptionally aromatic dried chicken neck treat which for some reason I wasn’t allowed to have in the car. I can never understand this human obsession with ‘bad’ smells. There are no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ smells. Just smells. We have 50 times more scent receptors in our noses and our sense of smell is 100,000 times more acute than humans. So don’t tell me the human nose is more ‘particular’. You lot are just wired funny.

Crawford’s Lookout, towards the North Johnstone River

On the way home, we stopped at a lookout so Mum could ooh and aaah at the sight of some trees and a river in the distance. Apparently it’s called Crawford’s Lookout and it’s on the Palmerston Highway at Wooroonooran. I wasn’t allowed out of the car because it’s a National Park and apparently I might scare the wildlife.

And then we came home and Mum fiddled about with a needle and bits of fabric and Dad snoozed, and I may or may not have snoozed a bit too.

Not sure what the Staff have planned today for my entertainment. I’ll just snooze a while to conserve my energy till they have it sorted. I’ll let you know how it turns out tomorrow.

Mouse out.


20 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: too many bends

  1. Awesome that the weather allowed you a day out. Navigating corners especially from the rear seat of a moving vehicles isn’t fun, not even for two-leggeds with upright postures. But the end justifies the means surely. The venue and views were worthy, and a decent lunch made and washed up by someone else… are what holidays are about.


    • Hi Aunty Dale! It looks like the worst of the weather is past. Today was lovely, warm and sunny, and I went for a paddle in the creek at Goomboora Park, where there were *loads* of other doggos. Mum says she totally agrees about the lunch, especially the washing up bit! I met a very pretty young lady today called Milly. She’s a shiny black half greyhound, half kelpie, and it was a very appealing mix, but she was very, very lively! I think I’d find it zorsting after a while…


    • Hi Miss Cathy! He does his best, I think, but does sometimes get carried away. I agree about the olives, it was too much, but Mum’s ham and cheese offerings were most acceptable. I’m not sure what they see in those views, it’s just lots of Nature, but Mum gets pretty excited and wants to take photos, so I just indulge them.

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  2. Going Batty in Wales says:

    I know what you mean about bends! We went in Lindy’s car once which is more like a van and I had to complain about all my bruises from being tossed around. I refused ti get in the next time she took us out bbut she has put an old matress in there now so I it is much comfier. I don’t get all the fuss about ‘views’ either but that’s humans for you. R


    • Exactly! And the Gillies is ridiculous, over 300 bends. I gave up try to keep my head out of the window after a bit, it was just too awkward, and I let them know how I felt about it with a bit of farting and advanced sulking. A mattress in the back sounds much comfier, I agree. As for views, while there’s nothing wrong with my eyesight (duh, sighthound!), I just can’t ‘see’ the attraction of lots of distant landscape and general Nature. Give me something I can sniff any day…

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  3. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    What a view !! I see you like to stick your head out of the car window, how exciting ! Looks like you love your holiday, you are maybe a tiny bit spoiled ????lol !


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