Coffee Mornings, Meet the Members

New Friends #9

Hello people, Mouse here.

Young Tiny

Well, yesterday was September’s Coffee Morning, and a rather successful one at that!  We were delighted to welcome a new member, young Mr Tiny, who… isn’t. Tiny, that is.

I never thought I’d say this, but he’s Taller Than Me. Shock, horror! Not quite so burly (if a greyhound can be said be burly, as such – Mum. None of your lip, woman – Mouse), but definitely longer in the leg. Not a lot in it, though…

Sunshine and Tiny

He’s currently Miss Sunshine’s foster brother, as her Staff are looking after him to help him socialise and get more comfortable around people and other doggos, etc. He’s a very anxious young dog, but seemed to settle down nicely after we all made friends. Aunty Simone says she’s proud of how well he behaved, and I have to agree.

The usual suspects

Laid back Lotti

The usual gang was there: Lotti, Me, Tiki, and Sunshine and Miss Tuppence, as well as young Tiny.  Miss Lotti was wonderfully laid back today and didn’t bark at anyone, which helped Tiny settle down more quickly. She didn’t even bark at Tuppence, which is most unusual, as Tuppence is Small, Fluffy and White, definitely in the Chase Me! category…

Me and Tiny

Tiny and I had a good sniff-over and chat during the post-coffee and -puppaccino walkies. He’s a good lad, and will make someone a wonderful Boss when he’s adopted (if Aunty Simone doesn’t get in there first, it sounds as if she’d love to!). Besides being mostly black, the Best colour in my opinion, he has some interesting dark brindle markings about the shoulders, and a very, very long nose. A handsome lad…

Thankfully the weather was overcast but dry, and recent rain (we won’t mention the horrendous thunderstorm that drove me frantic last night) made everything smell really good, so it wasn’t so much a walkies as a giant sniffathon for all of us. Lotti did the Four Paw Fandango right beside the café, so we pretended it was a brush turkey and moved away quickly. That girl can be so embarrassing, but she says a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I’ve had to speak to her about it before, but clearly it went in one ear and out the other.

Next month, the plan is to go to Bucasia Beach for breakfast and walkies, before it gets too hot to be enjoyable. Too late in the year, and the sand’s far too hot for our paws and the sun’s too hot for the humans. I’ll have to remind Mum to set things up, or we’ll end up going back to the Botanic Gardens café yet again. Not that I mind, we get lots of attention there, but a change is good and a run on the beach is even better! Sunday 9th October, 8.30am, Bucasia Beachfront Café.

Till then,

Mouse 🐾



8 thoughts on “New Friends #9

  1. Marty K says:

    Mousiekins, you crack me up — Four Paw Fandango. 😂😂😂 So glad you were able to help Tiny with his socialization skills. He is a beautiful dog (I’m a sucker for any dog with brindle markings), but he’s not as gorgeous as you, of course. I’m glad that The Staff put together such a great agenda: Puppaccinos and Snifforama. 💜


    • Hi Aunty Marty! I can’t take credit for naming that, it goes instead to a very talented English artist and cartoonist called Rich Skipworth, who has brought out two books of cartoons about greyhounds, based on his own experiences. If you like brindles, you’d love Miss Tiki, she’s beautifully decorated. Having been a shy person myself, I have great sympathy with Tiny’s social anxiety, and I hope we were able to reassure him.


  2. Going Batty in Wales says:

    That sounds great fun Mouse. I am told that Aunty Carrie is coming today to stay for a few days. She is Mum’s daughter so maybe she is my sort-of-sister really. Anyway that means loads of outings including a trip to the beach and there will be extra fuss. Which is just as well because the last few days have been all ‘getting ready’ – like ‘getting ready to go in the caravan’ – rubbish days!


      • Going Batty in Wales says:

        Her new man was VERY well trained and gave me loads of treats. We went out every day in his car so it was great fun – EXCEPT the roof of his car kept blowing off and folding up into the boot!!! It was very disconcerting and my ears got cold. They have gone now so I’m catching up on sleep.


      • Gosh, you fell on your paws there, my friend. Normally it takes ages to train new humans. That car roof business sounds a bit unsettling, but I suppose it saves on asking for the window to be opened so you can stick your nose out for the sniffs. I have quite a lot of fun getting Dad to open first one side, then the other, and creating some dog-art on the windows while I’m waiting!

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