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The Boomerang – we’ll come back

Hello people, Mouse here.

The other night, we went out to eat, or rather, the Staff did and I helped. Mum fed me before we left, I assume in case I didn’t find the offerings satisfactory, but the Staff were hungry. We’d seen that this place had been renovated not so long ago, and Mum phoned to ask if there was dog-friendly seating. And there was, and they were very friendly about it! So off we went to the Boomerang Hotel.

Dog-friendly dining

Waiting for the Dog Tax

They got me settled with floof and water bowl, and proceeded to inspect the menu. Quite honestly, it all sounded pretty tasty and I’d have Helped with anything they couldn’t manage, but in the end, it was steaks, because they don’t eat steak much at home. The suggestion that I would make life difficult if not given a steak of my own is an Outrage

General plateful

Well, the steaks were good, the service was fast and friendly, and Mum says the small glass of house chardy was quite acceptable and the red wine jus that accompanied her steak was the best she can remember having, and she could have drunk a jug of it. Eeeuw, but never mind.

Bistro menu

Dad was very kind and Helped with her fries, and I Helped both of them with the chewy bits of their steaks. I must say, I was a bit miffed that I wasn’t allowed to do the usual Dishwasher Pre-Wash function, but Mum said we were in public and other families didn’t have Pre-Wash and we didn’t want anyone getting jealous. Staff can be very puzzling sometimes…

Anyway, we’ll definitely come back to the Boomerang soon. Do you see what I did there?  I am a Humorous Doggo, especially when fuelled by steak and the box of leftovers given to us by the nice server lady. Mmmm, fishy! Barramundi, I believe. I’ll also get Mum to put it on the dog-friendly restaurant list on the Resources & Information page, so other doggos and their Staffs know it’s a good place to go.

Mouse out. Time for a chickypop!


8 thoughts on “The Boomerang – we’ll come back

  1. Marty K says:

    You definitely earned a chicky-pop with that wonderful restaurant review. I love a good steak, although I’m also eyeing the carbonara. (And I totally saw what you did there, you clever pupper, you.😍)

    Now I want steak for dinner, although there’s leftover chicky stir fry and rice in the fridge all ready to go.


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