The Travels of Mouse: a new one and a good one!

Hello people, Mouse here.

Sorry about the radio silence, but the Staff have been pretty tired and I wanted them to focus their energies on walkies and food for Me rather than posting. Still, it means this will be a fairly big post. Also, I will put links (who exactly will put links, again? – Mum) to all the dog-friendly caravan parks where we stayed in case it’s useful for another doggo and their Staff.

The Staff say that for a long trip south again they won’t repeat staying at the Coolwaters Discovery Park in Kinka Beach, Yeppoon, as it’s just not far enough for the first leg of a 1,400km trip. It’s very nice, but better for just a long weekend visit, perhaps even a forthcoming shakedown trip, of which more later. I’m a bit sorry, because it’s a lovely park, the area is very pretty, the beach is handy and I went for a nice paddle (I prefer quiet waves, less chance of wet fur).

Soooo, anyway, the plan was to stay the next two nights at the NRMA Treasure Island on the Gold Coast. Didn’t happen. By lunchtime it was clear that the almost incessant roadwork and speed reductions down to 60kmph from the usual 100kmph meant we wouldn’t make it. So Mum made an executive decision and we broke the trip at Ingenia Landsborough Pines instead of staying two nights at the Gold Coast. It was a good decision. We were all tired by that point, and I like Landsborough Pines, it’s very pretty and there are ducks and wildfowl and geese to look at in a meaningful but totally, totally non-threatening way….

Anyway, onwards and southwards and we just spent the night at the NRMA Treasure Island. We haven’t stayed here before, but it’s lovely. Generally, they prefer doggos of lesser stature for the convenience of other park residents, but made an exception in My case because I am Beautiful and Quiet and Polite. The ensuite bathrooms in NRMA parks are always really beautiful and well-kept, the sites are level and generously sized and here, there’s an onsite café where doggos are welcome on the deck, which is most enlightened. It also has an off-leash doggo area within the park itself, which was much appreciated after a few days of comfortably lounging being confined to the back seat of the ute. Mum and Dad say they would 100% recommend over the other place we’ve stayed nearby, which was the BIG4 Gold Coast, which is squishier, more crowded, less easy to get to and has a very confusing layout.

On the way here we crossed the Gateway Bridge which I always find a bit unsettling for several reasons. Firstly, all the lamp posts are wonky and it looks as if the place has been hit by an earthquake. Secondly, the bridge is very, very high and very, very steep. Coming up to it, it looks like you’re going to drive up a ramp and off the end into nothingness. See what I mean?

Mum wants to point out that I have missed out a Very Important Point. We put down a deposit on a new-to-us caravan! Miz Lizzie is comfy and familiar and homey, but a bit more floor space for Me to stretch out would be a great advantage and VanEssa offers that. Mum says she also offers one or two other significant advantages, such as a much larger fridge for My meals, quieter and more efficient air conditioning, etc. Apparently Van Essa arrives in Mackay on 13th February, so it won’t be long to wait. As soon as we can after that, we will take her out for a bit of a trial run to work out what she’s like to tow, sleep in, etc.

Also, we popped into see Dad’s brother Uncle Kev and Aunty Chrissy in their new home and had coffee and cake on account of Mum’s birthday, and I met their two doggos, who were polite but rather small and fluffy. I like Aunty Chrissy, she knows ezackly where to scratch. Also, they have horses, the big ones as opposed to noodle horses like me. Mum is allergic, so we stayed clear. Wouldn’t want the level of service to drop because the Staff can’t stop wheezing and sneezing…

Today we head out on our final leg, Gold Coast to Nambucca Heads. We actually cross a time zone, which means the journey appears to take an hour longer than it should and that has to be factored into arrival times, etc. But it’s all good. We’ll be staying at the Tasman Holidays Nambucca Heads, which is right on the beach but protected behind a wooded dune. I’m looking forward to a good run on the beach, as it’s doggo friendly. Also, Aunty Chippy and Uncle Jonathan will be there for a bit which will be great fun, even if it means the Staff will be doing a Lot of talking and perhaps not quite enough Looking After Me…

But most of all, I’m looking forward to not packing up and moving on for a few days. (You and me both, Mouse. You and me both – Mum).

Mouse, out.



8 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: a new one and a good one!

  1. Mouse, so good to hear you and Staff have arrived safely down south after your busy & exciting journey en route. Extra good that your mum celebrated her birthday with cake. Rxtra extra good the van business went smoothly. We’re hoping to be a bit early on Saturday to do a walk on the beach near your park.


    • Hi Aunty Dale! Yes, it’s been a good couple of days. The trip down today was excellent, nice smooth empty roads and a good site so the Staff got us set up very quickly. It seems that the Staff are a little put out about lack of ‘signal’ for their phone thingies and the tippy-tappy planks they spend so much time on. Still, I’m sure once I’ve taken them to the beach for walkies they’ll change their tune. See you on Saturday – looking forward to it. Nose boops to Deez. Mouse 🐾


    • Hi Miss Cathy! I know, right! It’s actually a lot more scary/ impressive/ overwhelming in real life once you get closer, but Mum says it’s hard to capture in a photo, as you get no idea of scale. We have arrived at our final destination, and the Staff are being suitably attentive. Tomorrow, I am insisting on walkies on the beach, and possible a small run…

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  2. Going Batty in Wales says:

    That is a long time to be in the car Mouse. No wonder the staff were tired. We hope that didn’t mean you were neglected. They seem to have found good places to stop where your needs were prioritised as they should be. Enjoy your hollibobs. R & E


    • Hello, Roo. To be fair, I do tend to spend about 80% of these journeys fast asleep, and Mum is good about giving me regular stops and comfort breaks, but it will be very nice to stay still for the next 8 days! I anticipate some tasty treats coming my way during that time, so prolly worth all the travelling! Mouse 🐾

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