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The Travels of Mouse: Nambucca Valley top ten

Hello people, Mouse here.

I must say, it’s been a top notch experience so far. Last time, a few years ago, it was very nice and all that, but this time…

Dad has created a Top Ten Reasons to Love Visiting the Nambucca Valley:

  1. Friends we miss and haven’t seen for ages. Lots of Aunties and Uncles. Lots of strokies and a big bag of super treats from my favourite, Aunty Dale. I love you, Aunty Dale ❤️.
  2. The joint birthday party, something we should repeat next year because it was Fun. Orange cake filled with fruit, and cream on the side.
  3. The After (Lunch) party the next day with even more new friends both human and canine. That’s Miss Dolly the kelpie having a snooze behind her Staff, Uncle Matt.
  4. Big, beautiful, empty, white sandy beaches for me to run on. Dad’s put a video on my FaceBook page, it’s a comment to the last post there, if you scroll down. I haven’t lost all my form in retirement, it seems.
  5. Strawberry tarts from Nambucca Bakery & Cafe (Staff pick). Dad’s birthday treat. You were lucky to see this, as he’d already started in on it when he remembered to take a photo. It didn’t last long. They never do, according to Mum. Prolly pretty good, then.
  6. The delicious food at Nourish Café & Grocer, Valla Beach (Staff pick, but I concur – I got bits of Mum’s salmon and sweet potato fries and Dad’s burger and cheese)
  7. The view (and sniffs) at Seelys Lookout Sky Pier, Orara State Forest. I approve, as I’m allowed out of the car in State Forests, and the sniffs can be spectacular!
  8. Next time, we’ll be visiting with VanEssa. Bigger, comfier, more convenient. What is it they say? “Happy Staff, don’t make me laugh. Happy Mouse, Boss in the House”. Something like that, anyway.
  9. The Nesting Needles Patchwork & Fabric shop in Coramba (Mum’s pick). Mum and Aunty Chippy parked the Husbands at the doggo-friendly pub next door and Did Shopping. The Husbands did beer. I did a bowl of water and lay on my blankie, sighing loudly. I think I got my point across because Mum and Dad gave me treats later, when they had lunch.
  10. The sound of surf at night to lull us all to sleep. And we have all slept very well… At least, I have. Mum says I did lots of bum fluffs from too much chicken. Dad says he wouldn’t know, as the CPAP machine prevents the fumes reaching him. I wouldn’t know. I was asleep.

I think I’d agree with most of Dad’s points. I’m fairly meh on the subject of strawberry tarts and fabric shops, to be honest, though. But the plan with Aunty Chippy and Uncle Jonathan is to come back again same time(ish) next year, have the same get-together with everybody (if possible) and do lots more exploring in the fun places the area has to offer. Mum is developing a list already. Dad is muttering Oh Lord under his breath (dunno what he expects Me to do about it…). Aunty Chippy is looking excited. Uncle Jonathan is looking resigned. So I expect it’ll prolly happen. I leave that sort of thing to the Staff.

It’s Aunty Chippy and Uncle Jonathan’s last night here, so Mum is making Nasty Goreng, or something like that.  (Nasi, not Nasty, Mouse – Mum) so they don’t have to cook. Mum and Dad have two more days here and then we’re off too. It hasn’t been long enough, but I need to check everything is OK at home and tell Lotti All About Everything.

Right, must be off, I detect that My dinner is in the offing.

Mouse, out.


17 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: Nambucca Valley top ten

  1. 1. I hope mum and dad have saved some strawberry tart for me.

    2. The repeat & repeat again every year seems extremely wonderful (I will have lots of pics to show you of my little one who is due very soon ❣️)

    3. The exploring parts of this area sounds very very nice and fingers crossed 🤞 we can do a week next year instead of 4 nights. It goes too quickly and is too tiring. The weather has been spectacular though 😍.

    4. MY FAVOURITE ❤️
    The shopping at the beautiful quilt shop 💞💞💞💞💞
    Next time we try the one in Coffs 👌

    I will see u soon for mums delish Nasi Gorang 🤗


    • Aunty Chippy! 1) There were only 3 left at the bakery. Mum says the plan is to throw the remaining tart into the middle after dinner and let you both fight for it. Seems reasonable to me… Dad says there is a consolation prize (for Uncle J, naturally) of one icecream left in the freezer. 2) I know nothing about puppies, but Mum will undoubtedly make the right noises. 3) Mum says the shop in Gundagai Street is already on the To Do list.
      The Nasty is all cut up and ready to go. There are bits I’d like to do QC on, but apparently this is not on the program.

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  2. That’s a worthy list… once word gets around we’ll see an uptake on visitor numbers locally, I’m sure. It’s lovely to see and spend time with you, and that you explore & enjoy the local eats & sights. P.S. Mouse, there’ll be another bag of treats with your name on it next year ♡


  3. Marty K says:

    What fun! Thanks for making sure the Staff took lots of pictures to commemorate events and supervising Dad’s list. (Next time, please ask them to take pics of the Treats from Aunty Dale.) You also owe Mum a big-time apology for being rooty-tooty in the booty — I’m sure it was an odoriferous night for her. You definitely have not lost your graceful running form, so I’m sure that and the trip to the fabric shop helped Mum get past it. Definitely looking forward to next year’s report!


    • Hi, Aunty Marty! Mum says the fluff bum was not unexpected due to all the ‘unusual’ foods, and thankfully it didn’t carry on all night. She’s taken a photo of the packaging of the chicken treats so local doggo people can see where they come from; next post, I believe. We had/have a couple more days before we have to pack up, so there’s another holiday report in the pipeline, but the main thing is that Mum and Aunty Chippy have *already* rebooked for next year!


  4. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Gosh Mouse you must be zorsted! All those staffs and other doggos to entertain, places to explore, sniff to – er – sniff and zoomies to practice! Glad to know they understand who is boss and gave you loads of treats. R & E


    • Hi Roo and Ellie! It’s been a good holiday, and no mistake. Not quite over yet, I have a big ride up the mountain today and lots of wiggly bends when we go and visit Mum’s sister for lunch and I get to lurk around the back yard and eye the chooks meaningfully, hehehe! It’s Dad’s actual birthday today, so Mum wants to buy him a cream bun for morning tea before we go, and I expect I’ll get a quick run on the sand, especially as it’s cooler today and the sand won’t be hot. I LIKE this holiday stuff, and Mum says we’re doing the same thing same time next year, but with a new caravan! And don’t worry, the stream of treats is seemingly bottomless! Mouse 🐾

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