The Travels of Mouse: Retrospective

Hello people, Mouse here.

Well, we’re on our way home, and Mum and Dad are missing Nambucca Heads already.

The mouth of the Nambucca River from the Shelly Beach Lookout

The weather was really good the whole time, the caravan air conditioning behaved itself, there were no incidents, accidents or mishaps, the wildlife was… interesting (you’ve seen the goanna, meet the magpie who insisted on sharing breakfast), and catching up with distant and greatly missed friends was memorable.

Last night the Staff did lots of very unsettling packing up and putting away, leaving only the bare minimum for My comfort. This morning it was even worse, so shortly after 7am I demanded to get into the car and away from all that nonsense. I must say, they do have the process down pat by now, but it sets my teeth on edge and ruffles my fur to see things being disarranged. Tonight, we’re staying over in Landsborough Pines on the Sunshine Coast again, and tomorrow at Tannum Sands near Gladstone.

The plotters, planning next year

Anyhow… It has been a fun getaway for Me too. I really did enjoy Swimming Creek Beach. All sorts of doggos, but well managed by their Staffs, and I particularly liked meeting all the whippets, my small cousins. And of course I did get several good runs in when the place was empty, so I could get a good workout and stretch my legs.

I know the Staffs had a good time too. To such an extent, mind you, that they are already plotting the next one. Not that I object… It appears that Mum and Aunty Chippy are agreed that the second week of February next year will be spent at the same place, and Aunty Dale has it pencilled in too.

Same time next year

Mum and Aunty Chippy have already booked their spot: Mum and Dad on the shady caravan site and Aunty Chippy and Uncle Jonathan in the cabin directly behind it, beside the beach access. Mum is compiling a list of things to do and places to visit. All the Aunties agree that we will get together again for a reunion meal on Sunday 11th. Fine by me, especially if Diesel and Dolly are there too.

So that’s it for this year. Just two more days of lounging in the back of the car, a night at Tannum, and then we’re home and I can do the sniffspection of the house and back yard to make sure all is well. I hope the chickens have been behaving themselves and that the rude cat from across the back fence has stayed away from My Yard, or I will be giving it another earful next time I see it. Not chasing it, you understand, that would be much too undignified, I’ll just give it a bit of a barking at to let it know the Boss is Back.

I believe there is a roast chicken lurking in the caravan for tonight’s dinner. I shall be insisting on doing Quality Control to ensure the Staff are eating correctly and that I also get my fair (largest) share.

Meanwhile, I shall snooze on my floof after all this hard work dictating the post to Mum.

Mouse, out.




6 thoughts on “The Travels of Mouse: Retrospective

  1. Marty K says:

    I can imagine how difficult it is to supervise all that packing and moving and cooking, Mouse! You’re champion for doing all that work! πŸ˜‰ Enjoy a well-earned snoozle on your floof — and the roast chicken QC. Made a pot roast here several days ago and that lasted for a few meals and a lovely Italian Beef Sandwich at the end. (To your Staff: thanks for sharing your holiday with all of us! Wishing you a very easy trip back home.πŸ’•)

    Wish I could join you, The Staff, and the Aunties and Uncles. It looks like a lovely set up all around. Maybe one of these days I’ll make it to Australia (or you all will come to the US). In the mean time, I’m waiting on one (or more) of 3 foster situations — an adult foster who has been at the shelter for almost a year and needs a little break, an older puppy behavioral foster, and/or 5 puppies whose mama is getting a little too “over it all.” I’m sure I’ll be getting some doggo(s) soon. (The medical foster dog I had has come close to getting a adopted a couple of times now — hopefully, the third meet & greet will be the charm! She’s become SUCH a diva: “I’m a house dog now!” 😹) πŸ’œ


    • Hi Aunty Marty! It was tolly zorsting, I tell you… But we’re home, and I must say, the Staff did a decent job of ensuring my comfort before anything else. There’s still a big pile of laundry waiting, and things still have to be cleared out of Miz Lizzie, but My dinner was ready on time, My bed was ready and now they’re home I’m sure things will return to normal pretty soon. I don’t spose we’d ever make it to the US. For one thing, I don’t Do Crates and for another, Mum can’t sit in a plane seat for more than 2 hours without quite a lot of pain, so the dunnamany hours to the US would render her useless as Staff or indeed anything else… But she says you’d be welcome to join the happy throng at the next (or whenever) annual get together.


  2. It’s sad knowing you are no longer within a short drive but happy that you all had a lovely holiday, we got to see you, the weather was kind, you enjoyed the wonderful human & dog friendly Swimming Creek Beach amd that plans are being made to do it all again.


    • Hi Aunty Dale! We’re all missing you and Uncle G.O. and Deez. Mum says the dates are firm in her and Aunty Chippy’s diaries so the Uncles have no choice in the matter, we’ll be seeing you then! The trip home was long, as it always is, but we’re back, I’m working on reestablishing proper smells everywhere and letting Stella-Dog next door know that she is Not Top Dog, and Mum says I’m getting a spa treatment later, whatever that means (grooming and a pedicure, Boss – Mum). Nose boops to all, Mouse 🐾


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