Coffee Mornings

New Friends #12

Hello people, Mouse here.

Well, once again, another successful social event. Sunday was the February Coffee Morning, and it was an altogether much nicer time than January would have been if we’d attempted to hold it in that frankly appalling weather. I think the Staff are right, and the Riverside picnic area is a good choice of venue. We have it mostly to ourselves on a Sunday morning, there’s plenty of seating for Staffs, grass for the doggos to, um, investigate, fresh tasty water on tap, and a jolly fine view of the Pioneer River, with associated cool breezes. Might not be quite so jolly in July’s winter chill, but we shall wait and see…

The usual suspects

So, lots of Staffs brought tasty treats. Mum baked GF/SF peanut butter cookies which both she and Aunty Tracey were able to enjoy. Aunty Lyn brought caramel banana cake which Dad gave a punishing to, Aunty Simone brought chocolates and Aunty Tracey brought carrot cake. There were leftovers, but no-one left hungry, even the doggos, as Mum had brought lamb puff which was well received all round.

On the doggo side, we had Me, and Lotti, and Sunshine and Tiny and the Iggies Rocco and Zoë, and about halfway through proceedings Aunty Rebecca and her daughter turned up with Miss Bunny, whom we hadn’t met before. She’s quite senior, a retired racer, and we were all very glad to meet her. Mum is going to add her to the Members gallery, but will need to ask Aunty Rebecca for more info for her biography.

Meeting Bunny (far right)

Unfortunately, it appeared that a knock that Lotti had given her foot on arrival appeared to be a dislocation of her toe, and while she was mostly stoic about it, she was clearly in quite some discomfort, so Mum got on the phone to Uncle Nev Jackson to ask if he could manipulate it back in, and Aunty Lyn and Uncle Mark bustled off with Lotti to see him. It appears he got the toe back in place in seconds, Lotti didn’t kick up a fuss (no Greyhound Scream of Death, anyway), and what would otherwise have been a short social chat turned into a mammoth catch up, since it appears Uncle Mark and Uncle Nev are second cousins through their grandmothers. Much chat later, Aunty Lyn called to tell Mum all about it. Small world, greyhound friends!

The rest of us carried on socialising and chatting and sniffing and nose booping, and I feel I was incredibly restrained when I found that young whipper-snapper Rocco testing out my bed. Cheeky young pup. Glad to see Zoë had more sense of decorum…

Well, it was a good one, as I said, and all agree that we’ll meet there again next time. The March Coffee Morning will be on Sunday 19th March, 8.30am at the Riverside Picnic Area. Bring your own coffee and something to nibble, and don’t forget something for the doggos!

Till then,

Mouse, out. 🐾


4 thoughts on “New Friends #12

  1. Marty K says:

    Poor Miss Lotti. 💕 Hopefully, her toe will be fine from here on out. Really cool “small world” story too.

    Mousiekins, you were quite the generous host in allowing Rocco to borrow your floof. 💜


    • Hi, Aunty Marty! Lotti’s mum has bought her some socks and a pair of pink Hunnyboots to protect her feet “till the toe ligaments heal”. It’s all just bark bark bark to me, but I spect she knows what she’s doing. I spect also that Lotti will be very cockahoop about her flashy footwear; I shall let her have her moment in the sun. Mouse 🐾


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