Coffee Mornings

New Friends #13

Hello people, Mouse here.

Sunday was the March Coffee Morning, and it went off beautifully. We missed Aunty Erika and Tiki and Aunty Tracy and the iggies, but otherwise, the regulars were there, the weather was great, there were some tasty treats for doggos and Staff alike, and we got to meet a new friend.

Aunty Rosslyn brought Vander, her new wheaten Irish Wolfhound puppy. And when I say puppy, he’s huge!  He’s as tall as I am, but much more solidly built and has gigantic paws and the start of some very impressive whiskers. Mum says he lacks the full ‘shaggy hearthrug’ effect still, we are mostly just seeing his wheaten undercoat and the true hairiness will grow in time. I wonder what he will make of Walter and Tilly next time they are able to visit… He’s somewhat rambunctious due to his age, but I’m confident Aunty Rosslyn will get him in shape soon.

Aunty Rebecca brought Bunny again, and Mum was able to get Bunny’s biography, so she and Vander have both been added to the Members page, as is only right.  Sunny and Tiny came with their Staffs, and I must say, Tiny is looking a different dog these days after weekly treatments with Uncle Nev. He stands differently, his expression is much less tense and his coat is now smooth and shiny. It makes me very happy to see such a handsome doggo looking his best. Aunty Lyn H brought my lovely Lotti, Aunty Lyn W brought Miss Tuppence, and that completed the gang for this month.

Next month, the Coffee Morning is on Easter Sunday. It was the only Sunday that Dad is free that month due to his shifts. We do understand if people want to spend that day in other ways, but if the Staffs have time, Mum says there will be chocolate, cookies, cake and Easter doggo treats, and it might be a fun opportunity for a doggo dress-up…? Let me know what you think. I don’t mind, so long as I don’t have to do any actual work for it apart from look handsome and lounge elegantly, accepting tribute (aka treats) from my Staff.

Next time: 8.30am Sunday 9th April at the Riverside. Bring your own coffee and Easter treats for you and your doggo. 

Till then,

Mouse 🐾


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