A bit of fun

I’m not averse to a spot of clowning about. Undignified? Certainly not! It’s part of our essential makeup, this need to relieve the serene grace with which we normally comport ourselves. And there’s a unique charm to our clowning. I mean, look at it! Yoga masters have nothing on us!

We’re well known for our antics, requiring a whole new vocabulary to be learned by the Staff (think roaching, zoomies, the Paw of More, etc). Happy Greys know how to have FUN!

Here are some YouTube links the Staff and I have particularly appreciated, both funny and interesting/informative, Please enjoy a delightful dose of doggo beauty, ingenuity, intelligence and prowess… And some truly inspirational kindness and consideration by Staff. If you have any suggestions for YouTube videos to add to this list, please contact us on: happygreyssocialclub(at)gmail(dot)com

The Dog Train

Olive and Mabel

A Greyt Life

Magnus the Greyhound

Too much energy…

Greyhound vs Cheetah

You’ll believe a dog can fly…

Conversations with your dog

The 6 Natural States of the Greyhound

Doggos gonna Dog