A note about comments

Hello friends, Mouse here.

The Happy Greys Social Club is for Greyhounds and their families. Sighthounds of all breeds are also welcome. If a greyhound has a non-grey fur sibling, we are happy to see them at our events so long as they behave with greyhound-type decorum (and no, I’m not talking about roaching or zoomies).

I encourage comments and friendly interaction between friends, doggos, followers, casual visitors and those with relevant (nice) things to say. An exchange of opinions is healthy and promotes discussion. However, this blog is my space, devoted to doggos and the people who love them, and I do not tolerate rudeness, blatant self-promotion, bullying behaviour or selling unless it is for dog-related equipment advertised on a noticeboard set up for that purpose. This is not a forum for discussions about our former careers or the morality of racing or hunting, or keeping companion animals, it is a place for happiness, friendliness, strokies, bones, soft beds, bacon and puppacinos.

I reserve the right to remove comments which are way off-topic, aggressive, or which fit my personal definition of unpleasant, addressed either to myself, my Staff or to another visitor.

If in doubt, ask yourself “What would a grey say?”