Coffee Mornings, Meet the Members

New Friends #10

Hello people, Mouse here.

Sunday was our October Coffee Morning, and it was a fun one!

In attendance were Lotti, Sunshine, Tiny, Tuppence and Myself with our Staffs, and then along came not one, not two, but four Italian Greyhounds!  For those not in the know, they are known colloquially as iggys, and they are tiny compared with Me! Aunty Tracey brought Rocco and Zoë and Uncle Gavin and Aunty Jules brought Pecorino and Paolo. Amazingly, everyone was very well behaved and polite, there was no barking (I’m looking at you, Lotti) or growling or snapping, and no one was too nervous or uncomfortable, so a very interesting session all round.

All the Staffs were doing a lot of talking (and definitely not quite enough handing out of treats, if you ask me), and there was bacon and puppaccinos for those who wanted it, plus that nasty coffee stuff for the Staffs.

It was a nice change to go to the Beachfront Restaurant instead of the Lagoon Café. There was lots of space for us all to sprawl out, and of course, after coffees, the best part of all – off-leash walkies on the beach!

None of the Staffs were quick enough to record it on camera, but Tiny decided very early in the proceedings to take a full-immersion ocean plunge, closely followed by Sunshine! Lotti and I and Tuppence do not care to get so wet, so we merely paddled. And then I challenged Sunshine to a race up the beach once the Staffs had removed our leads. Lotti and Tiny are not really quite safe to let off-leash (at least for now), so they stayed back, but I enjoyed myself!

At this point the iggys and their Staffs had gone home already, but I’m pretty sure they would not have offered me much of a race, they are very small and delicate, our Italian cousins.

Mum says she has added the iggys to the Members page, and we all hope they’ll join us again at another future Coffee Morning. For reference, November’s is on Sunday 6th and December’s (and our Christmas party!) is on 11th December.

We are hosting Tiny and Sunshine for a few days while Uncle Will and Aunty Simone take a well-earned break, and I’m looking forward to that, it will be a novel experience not to be an Only Doggo. They all came round after the Coffee Morning to ensure that fences were high enough, racetrack backyard was large enough and there was enough room for everyone’s beds. All was well, so I’m looking forward to welcoming them next Sunday morning. Tiny is still quite nervous, poor chap, so I shall do my best to make him feel comfortable and safe. I suspect the only problem I’ll have with Sunshine is keeping her out of my bowl and off my bed! She’s a lovely girl, though, and peaceful, relaxed company.

I needed a very large nap after all the excitement. Must take advantage of the wide variety of beds to choose from while I have the chance. Once the others are here, I’ll have to be polite and share…

Till next time,

Mouse 🐾

Coffee Mornings, Meet the Members

New Friends #9

Hello people, Mouse here.

Young Tiny

Well, yesterday was September’s Coffee Morning, and a rather successful one at that!  We were delighted to welcome a new member, young Mr Tiny, who… isn’t. Tiny, that is.

I never thought I’d say this, but he’s Taller Than Me. Shock, horror! Not quite so burly (if a greyhound can be said be burly, as such – Mum. None of your lip, woman – Mouse), but definitely longer in the leg. Not a lot in it, though…

Sunshine and Tiny

He’s currently Miss Sunshine’s foster brother, as her Staff are looking after him to help him socialise and get more comfortable around people and other doggos, etc. He’s a very anxious young dog, but seemed to settle down nicely after we all made friends. Aunty Simone says she’s proud of how well he behaved, and I have to agree.

The usual suspects

Laid back Lotti

The usual gang was there: Lotti, Me, Tiki, and Sunshine and Miss Tuppence, as well as young Tiny.  Miss Lotti was wonderfully laid back today and didn’t bark at anyone, which helped Tiny settle down more quickly. She didn’t even bark at Tuppence, which is most unusual, as Tuppence is Small, Fluffy and White, definitely in the Chase Me! category…

Me and Tiny

Tiny and I had a good sniff-over and chat during the post-coffee and -puppaccino walkies. He’s a good lad, and will make someone a wonderful Boss when he’s adopted (if Aunty Simone doesn’t get in there first, it sounds as if she’d love to!). Besides being mostly black, the Best colour in my opinion, he has some interesting dark brindle markings about the shoulders, and a very, very long nose. A handsome lad…

Thankfully the weather was overcast but dry, and recent rain (we won’t mention the horrendous thunderstorm that drove me frantic last night) made everything smell really good, so it wasn’t so much a walkies as a giant sniffathon for all of us. Lotti did the Four Paw Fandango right beside the café, so we pretended it was a brush turkey and moved away quickly. That girl can be so embarrassing, but she says a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I’ve had to speak to her about it before, but clearly it went in one ear and out the other.

Next month, the plan is to go to Bucasia Beach for breakfast and walkies, before it gets too hot to be enjoyable. Too late in the year, and the sand’s far too hot for our paws and the sun’s too hot for the humans. I’ll have to remind Mum to set things up, or we’ll end up going back to the Botanic Gardens café yet again. Not that I mind, we get lots of attention there, but a change is good and a run on the beach is even better! Sunday 9th October, 8.30am, Bucasia Beachfront Café.

Till then,

Mouse 🐾


Meet the Members

New Friends #8

Hello people, Mouse here.

Today, Lotti and I were delighted to welcome a new member of the group. His name is Mookaite, or Mooka for short, and he’s a 15-month-old  young’un in a rather attractive pale fawn brindle and white colour scheme. Of course, as a pup, Lotti and I were in a position to offer him some tips, share snacks and generally keep him in line if he got a little, well, over-excited

Because he and Aunty Britt weren’t able to make the party on Sunday, she and Mum and Aunty Lyn decided to go for walkies separately before Mooka has to face the full pack, which was probably a good idea. He had both ends of the temperament spectrum to experience today; I’m quiet and placid, and Lotti’s vocal and excitable. He’s a nice young fella, but still rather excitable himself, and I had to have Words at one point. Being just a pup, he’s never raced, so he may need the benefit of my discipline and experience to help him calm down and show some decent greyhound reserve and good manners!Lotti of course had to get her ten cent’s-worth in, and I had to politely mention that we needed to make allowances for his age when it looked like she was going give him a very extensive dressing down. She’s a wonderful girl, but she doesn’t half go on sometimes…

There was an acceptable level of treat-giving going on. Mum brought the rest of the PNB dog-cookies, which slipped down nicely, and Aunties Lyn and Britt also had snacks, so we were well rewarded for being on good behaviour.

If walkies is going to result in similar extended snacking opportunities next time, I’m all for it, and a little puppy-type behaviour is a small price to pay. Lotti will just have to learn to put up with it…

Till next time,

Mouse, out 🐾

Coffee Mornings, Meet the Members

New Friends #7

Hello people, Mouse here.

Well, Sunday was our latest Coffee Morning for the Happy Greys Social Club. Dad has an Opinion on whether the event should be re-named, (whether the Staff should actually have independent Opinions is a whole nother subject, of course…), but more on that later.

Miss Tilly is lounging under the table, in the middle, in case you’re looking for her. Big dogs CAN be unobtrusive.

In attendance were Miss Lotti and I, Miss Tiki, Miss Sunshine, and the Very Large Miss Tilly, she of the superb eyebrows. Aunty Rosslyn brought along a new Fur-riend, Miss Sunni, who is a golden spaniel, very sweet and pretty, but a bit lacking in the leg department, speaking as a Greyhound. So, as you can tell, I was the only doggo bloke. It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it.

Coffees were drunk, toast was munched (Lotti helped with that), puppaccinos were lapped up and treats were snarfed. Greys (and wolfhounds) snoozed or socialised. Staffs chatted. Mum said that as next month’s session is the First Anniversary of the Happy Greys Social Club, and also 2 days away from My Birthday, would people like cake? And of course they would. And the nice young ladies at the Lagoon Café were also fine with Mum bringing a cake along, so it’ll be a Happy Happy Greys Social Club & Mouse Birthday Party! I do trust there will be doggo treats as well as Staff cake (you betcha – Mum). I can’t quite believe we’ve been doing this for a whole year already, but it seems so.

Three Headless Hounds…

And then it was time for walkies. And this is where Dad thinks he’s Mr Funnypants. He thinks the event should have been renamed the ‘Headless Greys Social Club Coffee Morning’… I simply can’t believe the lack of respect! It’s an absolute Outrage.

Still, I suppose one must let the Lower Orders have their bit of fun. I shall rise above it all, so long as there are enough acceptable treats involved.

You may call it Bribery. I call it Tribute.

Coffee Mornings, Meet the Members

New Friends #6

Hello people, Mouse here.



Well, we’re growing! It was time for another Happy Greys Social Club Coffee Morning, and we were delighted to meet two new grey members, Miss Sasha and Miss Sunshine, and their Staffs, as well as a passing family who have moved here from Melbourne and have a grey. They sounded interested in joining us another time, so here’s hoping.

Miss Sasha is a real veteran, and I’ll be interested in sharing sniffs with her another time when she’s feeling a bit less shy and isn’t sporting a recent injury. No doggo is at her best in a situation like that!  Miss Sunshine is just a young’un, and is still very fit, with lots of racing muscle. She’s nearly as tall as I am! She was a bit shy of all the rest of us doggos at first, but was soon at her ease, and we had a nice companionable walk together later on.

As usual, the outing started with coffee for the Staffs and puppacinos for the rest of us. Some of us (I’m looking at you, Lotti) couldn’t wait for them to cool down properly!

The people at the Lagoon Café were lovely, as always, and I had a selfie done with one of the young ladies, who always remembers my name. Most gratifying to receive the recognition I know I deserve!

After a lot of Staff chatting and snacks for the doggos, it was time for walkies, and we all set off: Me, Lotti, Tiki, Sunshine, Sasha and of course, Miss Tuppence, who, while she is not of course a Grey, is always welcome! It has being doing a lot of that nasty raining recently and was nice and cool, and the smells were in top shape! It got a bit slow as each of us in turn had to investigate fascinating aromas and naturally had to leave ‘comments’. Mum says it’s social media for doggos, or perhaps GreyBook…

Sasha is a veteran at 10.5 years old, and as she was injured, her Staff decided not to overtax her strength so she left us part way through the walk, but we’ll hope to see her again next time. The rest of us carried on, and Dad managed a very decent photo of the four of us Greys in a line up. As the only bloke there, I was pleased to note that I’m still the biggest, although Sunshine comes a close second (size isn’t everything, Mouse-Mouse – Mum) (enough of your cheek – Mouse).

Anyway, a good time was had by all, and the Staff have now established dates for the next four Coffee Mornings, so here we are: 8.30am, Lagoon Café, Mackay Botanic Gardens, on 22nd May, 26th June, 17th July and 14th August. So get them in your diaries, everyone, and we’ll hope to see you then!

Till then, Mouse out 🐾

Coffee Mornings, Meet the Members

New Friends #5

Hello people, Mouse here.

Well, yesterday was a busy day for the Staff (less so for me, but that’s how it should be, don’t you agree?).

It was our regular Coffee Morning, and Mum and I went alone because Dad was recovering from a very late-running night shift and needed extra sleep. It was ALSO Aunty Lyn P’s birthday! Miss Lotti insisted on singing Happy Birthday rather too often for polite company, but that’s Lotti, always enthusiastic! Mum had made carrot cake (eeeuw, vegetables!), which got severely ravaged before Aunty Lyn got to take the rest home. Recipe available upon demand, Mum says. Grandstanding, I call it…

Also there were Uncle Mark (Lotti’s dad), Aunty Lyn W and Miss Tuppence, Aunty Erika and Miss Tiki and Uncle Aidan and Aunty Maddie, with Walter and Tilly.

It was nice and cool, there were a couple of rain showers, but nothing that bothered us, and we had our usual spot, in full view of all passing dog-walkers.

Mum spoke about how we doggos really needed a bit more space, and suggested the option of conducting Coffee Mornings as picnics, setting up blankets and folding chairs on the grass and getting coffee from the café to take there, since it meant we could all spread out without inconveniencing others (I can’t see what the problem is, myself, but she feels it’s important to maintain goodwill). People were pretty much in favour, and options were discussed. Generally, the idea of staying at the Botanic Gardens was liked, although setting up at the reserve at Bucasia Beach would also also be nice once Uncle Aidan gets his new vehicle (which has been delayed, sadly). The only issue is proximity to decent take-away coffee…

We were also delighted to meet some new members! They didn’t have their grey with them unfortunately, but caught sight of us while they were at the café with friends, and came over to chat. Mum gave them my card and we talked at some length. Say hello to Uncle Will and Aunty Simone, who have a fawn greyhound called Sunshine! We’ll look forward to getting to know all three of them better at future events.

And speaking of future events, a reminder that the next two are on 24th April and 22nd May, 8.30am at the Lagoon Café, Mackay Botanic Gardens. If there are any readers out there who are interested in joining but don’t (yet?) have a grey or other sighthound, please come along – and we’ll do our best to convince you life will be better once you do!

And now it’s time for another snooze. Blogging is so zorsting…

Till next time,

Mouse 🐾

Coffee Mornings, Meet the Members

New Friends #4

Hello people, Mouse here.

Well, this morning’s Christmas Coffee Morning at the Happy Greys Social Club was a greyt success!

Miss Lotti and Aunty Lyn P were sadly missed, but Mum sent them a photo of the get-together and we had a quick phone call to tell Aunty Lyn we wished she was there. I’ll have to fill Miss Lotti in on what she missed next time I see her. Lots to tell!

We had a very nice table arranged specially for us at the Botanic Gardens café, in the shade and catching a nice cool breeze, as it’s a hot day again. The Staff got me set up to wait for the others to arrive, and went and ordered coffees. I think it was very considerate of the Gardens to arrange signage that matches my collar tinsel!

One by one, the others turned up, and I must say, it was lots of fun to see their Christmas outfits. See for yourself! (Click on any photo to enlarge it) I think Miss Bella wins the prize for best outfit this time, and I definitely feel we doggos should make a point of dressing appropriately whenever possible. The Staff enjoy it when people give us lots of attention, and I don’t hate it too much myself, ahem…

We were delighted to welcome Aunty Bev and Mr Tonk to the group, and we hope to see them again next time.

I’ll add Tonk to the Fur-iends listing on the Members page, as I get the idea he enjoyed himself and will want to come again, Staff permitting.

So everyone had drinks and most people also had one of the Café’s very nice breakies. Dad ordered puppaccinos all round for the doggos, plus a serving of bacon which Miss Tiki and I got to share most of (I brought the extra home as I couldn’t let them snarf the lot, too much salt! – Mum). Aunty Erika had some sweet potato and oatmeal dog treats which she was kind enough to share, too.

After breakfast, we took advantage of the Gardens’ very enlightened pro-doggo policy and went for walkies. Aunty Sharon and Bella had to leave for another appointment, sadly, but the rest of us took a gentle stroll around part of the Gardens. It was a good day for doggos of all kinds, apparently, as we encountered a large doggo training group and several others taking their Staffs out for a morning constitutional.

By the end of the walk it was starting to get hot, and it does seem the earlier start time is much more comfortable at this time of year. We also agreed that an early Coffee Morning at Beachside Café in Bucasia with a walk on the beach afterwards would be another fun outing for the near future, perhaps for end of January.

The next Coffee Morning will be on Sunday 9th January 2022 at Social Café in Walkerston, rather than on 23rd January, as previously advised.

Glad you could drop by and hear about our fun. 

Mouse out.

Coffee Mornings, Meet the Members

New Friends #3

Hello people, Mouse here.

It was our Halloween Coffee Morning today, and rather a good one! Not only did the members turn up in costume, but we made a new friend. I know that the Staff have shown my costume already, but here’s another bonus shot for you to enjoy. I have to say, that cloak was a bit too warm – today is a trifle scorchio, as Mum would say (it’s an English thing, apparently) – but I had to look my best for our guests.

Miss Tuppence came as a witch. Be-witching, if I may say so, and she was extremely well-behaved after an initial tiny exchange of opinions with Miss Lotti.

Miss Bella also looked gorgeous, with miniature versions of my own wings, but adorned with black sequins, as befits a lady, and she too behaved immaculately. It’s good we’re all getting used to each other and comfortable in each others’ company.

My lovely friend Miss Lotti had the most gorgeous black and silver bandanna, with scary red-eyed skeletons and cobwebs on it in silver glitter. Sadly, the photo doesn’t do justice to how glamorous she looked – that bandanna positively twinkles!

Mum took my cape off after a bit, and I was able to stretch my wings, mwahahah! Ich bin der Graf Fledermaus, and all that. They look awesome, but they do wobble about a bit. Something for Mum to fix for next year. (They’d wobble less if you didn’t try and sleep on them. Just sayin’ – Mum)

And finally, last but by no means least, meet Miss Tiki. She’s a gorgeous brindle greyhound who came with her Staff, Aunty Erika. We are very happy to have her in the Happy Greys Social Club, and I’ll be posting her bio and photo on the Members page shortly.

So, we all had a good time, coffees, teas, smoothies and puppacinos were had by all, there were doggo and human snacks, lots of talking and ear-scratching and sniffing, and we’ll do it again soon. All agree that now it’s getting so hot we should think about doing it earlier in the day, while it’s still cool. Social café opens a good bit earlier, so an 8.00 or 8.30am start would be fine with them. I totally agree, especially as I’m the only one who actually walks there! Gosh it was hot. I had to have a cold bath when I got home to help cool me down quickly. (And of course, you just HAD to ‘share’ it with us, didn’t you? – Mum)

Aunty Erika likes the idea of joining us with Tiki when we go to a dog park or out for a doggo-friendly coffee or lunch somewhere, so Mum now has her number and I can get to know Tiki better. She’s very calm and quiet and friendly, so it should be fun!

Now then, I have important snoozing to do. I’ll leave the tidying up of this post to Mum, having got the hard work of dictation out of the way.

Until next time,

Mouse 🐾