Meet the Members

On this page, we hope to list all current and future members of the Happy Greys Social Club, in their order of joining. We’ll begin with Mouse and Lotti, the two founding members.

The Founders

Meet Mouse, a founder member of Happy Greys Social Club. He’s the strong, silent type… He turned 5 in July 2021, having retired after a not particularly illustrious racing career which ended with an on-track injury. His prey drive is low, so he doesn’t chase small fluffy creatures, although he has been known to give cushion stuffing or his Bad Monkey toy a proper punishing… He’s tall and strongly built and weighs in at 35 kilos/77 pounds. Favourite pastime: sleeping. Favourite food: frozen chicken necks. Favourite colour: green. Favourite hobby: travelling, travel writing.

Meet Lotti, also a founder member of Happy Greys Social Club.  She’s a very girly girl and loves pretty collars and leads. Lotti was a rescue dog and has no known DOB, although a lady would prefer not to say anyway! She now celebrates birthdays in early April, along with her Staff. Lotti has a high prey drive and her sighthound vision ensures she sees chaseable animals long before her Staff, so walkies can be interesting! She’s slender and finely built, and has pretty white and caramel/brindle colouring. Like most greys, she’s a stickybeak and a rascal, and has a talent for ‘acquiring’ things to hide in her stash. Favourite things: car rides, puppacinos, sleeping with her tongue hanging out and loudly telling everyone what she thinks!

The Members

Meet Tiki, a beautiful brindle ex-racer. Her Staff adopted her through GAP, where she graduated from the GreenHound program. She’s hoping to work as a therapy dog in the future, and has lots of training ahead of her. We think she’ll be a greyt success, as she has a calm and quiet demeanour and is friendly towards new people and relaxed in new places. Like Lotti, she is slender and fine-boned, but shares a quiet disposition with Mouse. She’ll be an asset to the Club, no doubt about it!

Meet Walter and Tilly, our Irish Wolfhound Members. They’re tall. Very, very tall. And furry. Very, very furry. Not everyone knows that Wolfhounds are sighthounds, but they’re valiant hunters and guardians, being historically kept to protect homes and flocks against wolves. That said, they’re gentle giants with magnificent eyebrows! Walter and Tilly will bring balance of scale to our membership!

Meet our new Associate Member Libby, who is a Townsville resident. She has recently joined a delightful family Mouse and Staff met recently up there, who have been missing their previous grey, now sadly across the Rainbow Bridge. We’re sure Libby will fill the greyhound-shaped space in their hearts. Miss Libby is a retired racer, and was adopted directly from her trainer rather than through GAP, but is looking forward to receiving her GAP accreditation soon. She’s sweet and gentle and has no problem with cats, and seems to enjoy all the attention she’s now receiving very much!  Mouse is looking forward to catching up with her next time he and the Staff head north.

Meet Sunshine, a young 2½ year-old retired racer who came to her new family via GAP. She’s a gorgeous fawn girl, who was a little shy of the other dogs at first, but soon warmed up to them.  She’s tall and fine-boned, but still has plenty of racing muscle. By the end of her first visit, she and Mouse were firm friends, and he’s looking forward to exchanging sniffs with her again soon.

Meet Sasha, a grande dame of racing at the age of 10½ years. She is gentle and friendly, but doesn’t have as much energy as the younger dogs, and her Staff take very good care of her. We’re sure she has a lot to teach the other doggos, and we hope to see her at many more Coffee Mornings, once she’s had a chance to get used to all the boisterous youngsters!

Meet Mookaite, also known as Mooka. He’s just a young fella, very curious and energetic. He’s going to be a big dog when he reaches his full growth, but just now, he’s all gangly legs and big paws. He’s still learning his place in the pack; Miss Lotti and Mouse are giving him some tips, and his Staff (Aunty Britt) says it’s very good for him to socialise and spend time with the others, so we expect to see him as often as they can manage.

Meet Tiny, who’s anything but. He’s just a young fellow at 2½ years old, but already has an impressive physique. Tiny has a lot of social anxiety, and we’re glad to offer him a safe space amongst friendly doggos of his own kind to help him settle down. He’s currently fostering with Aunty Simone and Uncle Will, and while we hope he might become a long-term member, we want the best possible outcome and the best loving home for him in the end.

Meet our new Italian greyhound friends, Rocco (left) and Zoë (right), who live with Aunty Tracey Mesman.

Also introducing Pecorino (right), who’s just a young ‘un, and Paolo (left), a senior and distinguished iggy, who live with Uncle Gavin and Aunty Jules.

Meet Bunny, our most senior member. She’s 11 years old, and a retired racer, having spent most of her career racing in Rockhampton. She’s now comfortably retired and being spoiled by her mum, Aunty Rebecca. She has her own lounge to sleep on, and shares the house with other fur siblings Abby (German Shepherd) and London (Beagle) as well as her human ones.

Meet Vander, our youngest member, an Irish Wolfhound puppy. He’s just six months old, but as big as the full-grown greyhounds. He hasn’t yet grown his adult coat, eyebrows and whiskers, but his paws are enormous and he’s already very strong. He lives with Sunni and River (two of our Fur-riends) and Aunty Rosslyn, and he’s going to start obedience training soon.  Meanwhile, he’s very friendly, very affectionate, loves his treats and is just as rambunctious as you’d expect!

The Fur-riends

Some have have sighthound heritage, some have not, but all are welcome. We are glad to welcome honorary overseas members such as Mlle. Flo, too!



Mademoiselle Flo