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The Travels of Mouse: sun, sand and Mini-me

Hello people, Mouse here

Some of you may be wondering why the silence over the past few days. Well. Mostly it’s because we’ve been very, very idle, which is how I like it, but also because the phone reception here isn’t very good; we’re at the bottom of a cliff and behind a dune, which make for peace but not many bars of signal, so downloading images takes a long time.

This holiday park is lovely. It’s shady, very quiet (apart from a muffled roar from the surf behind the dune and butcher birds singing), and roomy. The bathroom is huge and clean and modern, which is nice for the Staff, and there are plenty of grassy bits for me to use. I do have to share the amenities with some rather larger permanent residents, most notably a 1.2m long goanna, who strolls around like he owns the place. Most uncouth, but I’m steering clear. I don’t do reptiles…

I have a choice of walks, but I do enjoy the sandy path up and over the dune and onto the beach. The sand here is squeaky!  Dad says it’s because of the high levels of silica. Even my paws make it happen, not just big human feet. I’ve told Mum to put in a YouTube link to show you what it sounds like. It’s nice white sand, very, very fine and it just drops off my paws so I don’t walk it into my floof (or the caravan, thankfully – Mum).

Anyway, the other day the Staff did Shopping and Laundry, which is boring, and yesterday we went to Valla Beach and had lunch at Nourish Café and Grocer, which is not: I got bits of both their lunches: salmon from Mum and burger and cheese from Dad. Mum says it was yummy and worth a mention here because the tables on the front verandah are dog friendly. The portions were pretty generous, and the grocery was good too: they had the milk I like (lactose free – Mum) and some very nice cakes. Dad had Ricotta & citrus crème brulée slice and Mum had a Fig & macadamia tart.

Later on, we went for a walk on the squeaky beach, and there were whippets!  Always fun to meet other sighthounds, but some of them were very forward and kept pestering and licking me and running in circles. There was one, though, who was more respectful, called Shadow. He was rather tall for a whippet, and black, which is of course the Best colour, and he wanted to show me his rock, which his mum said he’d been carrying around for a while. I gave it a polite sniff, and then he decided to bury it! The Mums decided he was my Mini-me, and I can see their point…

And then in the evening, Aunty Chippy and Uncle Jonathan arrived!  They had done a mad dash up the coast from Melbourne and had done 1400km about 24 hours, stopping briefly here and there for food and naps. They have a very nice cabin here, and they came over after they’d showered and unpacked to eat with us and plan for Saturday’s picnic party. Mum has lent Aunty Chippy a whole bunch of quilting books, so there’ll prolly be some boring chat about that, and she also handed over the miniature sewing room model she made for Aunty Chippy, which has been carefully carried all the way here in one of Miz Lizzie’s lockers. Amazingly, it’s still all in one piece and the light still works!

I’m expecting to score some very decent handouts at this picnic party, judging from what they were saying. I must fill Diesel-dog in when he arrives, he probably doesn’t realise the snacking opportunities ahead of him! There will be many Aunties and Uncles and most of them won’t know about limiting my intake of snacks, so I shall be playing the field with my best Poor Starving Greyhound impression! I’ll let you know how that goes.

Time for another snooze, I think. Mum took me out at 6am, but I’m not quite ready for breakfast yet. I’d better fortify myself for the day ahead at some stage, though. Walkies to take, strokies to demand, snacks to cadge…

Mouse, out.