The Travels of Mouse: the farewell tour

Hello people, Mouse here.

No, not MY farewell tour, I’m not retiring, or at least, not any more retired than I already am. Apparently Miz Lizzie is moving on to new career opportunities and a quieter life. Sounds OK to me, but meanwhile she’s taking us on her final trip south. The Staff and I are going on holiday! First night is at Kinka Beach, near Yeppoon, second and third nights are on the Gold Coast (during which time we inspect VanEssa, the new caravan), and finally we arrive at Nambucca Heads, where we’ll spend a week, have lots of fun and then repeat the whole thing in reverse.

Personally, so long as the Staff do all the work and I don’t have to lift a paw or even raise my head off my floof, I’m all good with that. I enjoy travelling, especially the bits where I can stand on the back seat with my head out of the window and take in the Sniffs. Mum says she’s glad I’m not one of Those Dogs whose faces go all flappy and tongues and ears trail in the breeze. I pointed out that I’m built for speed and my bits stay tidy, even when I have a smile on my face. The Staff appear to have packed my newest (and least ‘aromatic’ – Mum) floof and Squeaky Pig and my second bowl, so all should be well. Dad says my private enclosure is stacked up on the back of the ute. Mum says the food is under control and she has my papers, lead and (whisper it quietly) vet bag.

We haven’t been south of the border (QLD-NSW) for about 3 years, so everyone’s looking forward to it, especially as we’re also seen Aunty Chippy and Uncle Jonathan and Aunty Dale and Uncle Wayne – and most importantly, My Mate Diesel-Dog. Mum says there are also other friends to see and of course her sister and BIL, so it’s going to be a busy time. There will apparently be a Birthday Party on the first weekend we’re all together, so I sincerely hope she’s arranged for suitable edibles for me; I can’t be doing with all that “No, Mouse, that’s not safe for doggos” nonsense. And anyway, I’m a bit puzzled because My birthday isn’t until July. It must be a Staff thing….

Meanwhile, back at home, neighbouring aunties are keeping an eye on the house, the chooks and other Important Stuff. I shall miss Lotti and Aunty Lyn, but I’ll definitely have lots to tell them when we get back. I’ll post as we go to let you know my thoughts on each place.

Take-off is in about an hour and a half. Time to digest my breakfast and watch the Staff bustle…

Mouse, out 🐾