Coffee Mornings

Getting our paws wet

Hello people, Mouse here.

Well, we were a greatly reduced crowd this time. To the point, really, where crowd isn’t the word, and perhaps pair would be better. We had hoped that Walter and Tilly Wolfhound and their Staff would be coming, but their Staff realised at the last minute that the vehicle they’re currently using was just too tall for even giant Irish wolfhounds to climb into. A disappointment, but we hope for better luck next time. So it was down to Tiki and Me and Mum, Dad and Aunty Erika. It was certainly peaceful, even if we did miss the rest of the gang…

Plenty of space to run!

As always, the Staff organised puppacinos and Tribute, in the form of bacon. The Beachfront Bar and Restaurant at Bucasia beach does have rather superior bacon, and the puppacinos are massively fluffy, so I was sporting a rather fetching froth moustache at one point. Mum is sad she didn’t manage to capture it before I licked it off, but a chap must retain some dignity, I feel.

After Staff chats and breakfast, and Tiki and I had exchanged  sniffs and so on, it was time for the walkies part of the outing. I have had a Sore Paw for several days now (I notice that Mum is carefully not mentioning the V-word in front of me), so we took it rather easy, but it didn’t stop me have a bit of a frisk and a canter once I got off the lead, even if I had to revert to going hoppity once I was done. I must say, the cool salt water did feel rather nice. (For info, dear readers, there’s no wound, no heat, no swelling and no sign of visible trauma, so I didn’t think it could do any harm – Mum). Aunty Erika wasn’t too sure about letting Tiki off-leash just yet, as she’s still undergoing training, but she was on a 10m/32ft leash, so she could feel pretty free.

Tongues are being worn long this Season

As it was still early when we walked, the sand hadn’t got roasting hot yet, the sun wasn’t baking and there was a nice sea breeze. Not too many people were out yet, but most of those who were had doggos supervising them – good to see that other Staffs were under proper control!

We had a good time despite the small numbers. Next time, Mum has suggested returning to the Botanic Gardens Café, so perhaps Walter and Tilly can walk their Staff over, as it’s pretty close to where they live. Hopefully they’ll be free for an 8.30am start for breakie and coffee at the Botanic Gardens Café, then walkies around the Gardens on Sunday 13th February.  Put it in your diaries!

Till then, 



14 thoughts on “Getting our paws wet

  1. Marty K says:

    Sometimes a smaller party is nice too, Mr. Mouse. You and Tiki make a fine pair. So glad you got to feel the sand and ocean and smell the sea air. I’ll bet both Staffs enjoyed the outing too. Hope your Sore Paw is none the worse for wear. 💜


    • Hi, Aunty Marty! I like Tiki very much, she’s gentle and quiet, even if she’s a bit more restless than I am. She likes the Staff, too, and is shameless about begging for attention, but I don’t mind too much, as it’s always Me that goes home with them at the end of the day… Mum is muttering about the Paw, and I’m crossing everything that there won’t be a V-Visit in my near future, as I hate that place!


  2. How lovely 😊 I did see this post put up by dad on Facebook and loved that you had a chance to go out with your mate. It’s been hot and humid here in Melbourne and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. Heat is not bad but humid not so much… ah well … don’t like to complain as it will be cold soon enough 🤓


    • Hi, Aunty Chippy! It’s pretty hot and sweaty here too, which is why it’s good that we met early for our outing. By 10am it was too hot and we were all glad to rinse off the sand and get back into the nice air conditioned cars!

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    • Hi, Aunty Dale. Mum has spoken the V-word, I am Doomed! Send help! She says 4 days of hobbling, refusing my breakfast and not wanting to go for a walk is too much. I must say it would nice to stop it hurting….


    • Hi Aunty Marty! I’m feeling better, thank you. The V-visit wasn’t fun, but I wasn’t as stressed as I often am because it was at 8am on a Monday morning and the place was deserted. The V-lady says there’s no visible structural damage, and that probably I’ve just got a strain from ‘charging around like a lunatic’ in Mum’s disrespectful words. They gave me 5 days of Meloxicam, and I was a hero about taking my dose every morning. That finished this morning, and when Dad got home from night shift at 3am, I asked to go out and got him to chase me in the back yard for a bit, so Mum feels that I can’t be in much pain any longer, if any. Rats! My ruse for extracting an endless stream of tasty treats is rumbled. I did give it a bit of a jar jumping off the bed yesterday, but forgot about it pretty quickly, so I think the treat stream is going to dry up. The Staff can be more cunning than I give them credit for, unfortunately. Mum is going to keep an eye on things for a few more days, and if there’s a regression I may have to do another V-visit, so it’s in my interests to stay in good shape… Meanwhile, I’m on the bed again, enjoying bits of Mum’s breakfast eggs. Situation, optimal! Mouse 🐾


  3. Hello Mouse – I’m sorry you needed to see the V – but at least you had the chance to lap up some more treats – however, it would be better if you were fit and well for your next day out with the staffs and or course your pals
    Cheers Catherine


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