The Travels of Mouse: another dog park!

The Staff have made a Discovery.

It was a Happy Accident. We were crossing a bridge over the Ross River in Townsville, and Dad said that a bit of grass running down to the water looked like a nice place to give Me some air. Mum suggested we turn off.

Rossiter Park, Townsville

What do you know… it turns out there’s an off leash dog park we didn’t even know about, right on the river in the middle of town instead of way out on the edges like most of them. It’s called Rossiter Park, and it’s really very, very nice. Most of it is human park; you know the sort of thing: river walk, huge old trees, green velvet lawns, picnic tables, but there’s the added benefit of the off-leash area for those of us of the four-legged persuasion which makes it just that extra bit more attractive. There’s also loads more of that ‘nice view‘ stuff that Mum enjoys so much.

I give you: the Ross River at Rossiter Park, with Mt Stewart in the distance. Wellll, it’s all just Nature, isn’t it? Dunno what the fuss is about, you can’t even smell it.

Mt Stewart seen from Rossiter Park, across the Ross river

Still, it made Mum happy, which ensures good service. As evidenced by extra helpings of dinner this evening, may I say. I am a happy doggo.

We’re off home tomorrow. I shall supervise the packing up from the safety of the car once again. I must say, I’m looking forward to a choice of beds once more when we’re finally home. Oh, and re-establishing my authority over the back yard, in case those chickens thought they were somehow In Charge.

Time for beauty sleep once more. Early to bed means breakfast comes sooner!

Mouse out.


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