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Hello people, Mouse here.

Well, Sunday was an Important Day. Not only was it the first anniversary of Mum setting up the Happy Greys Social Club with Aunty Lyn, but it was also the day we celebrated My Birthday.  Of course, I’m not actually 6 until tomorrow, but the opportunity to spend time with doggo friends and Staffs was too good to pass up. Mum put on my Party Collar and Lead, and she wore her greyhound earrings to mark the occasion.

Mum made the Staffs carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (recipe available on request, she says) and they were well received. For the doggos, she made peanut butter cookies, all friendly to doggo insides, recipe as follows:

2 cups coconut flour (you could use 2½ cups wholemeal wheat flour instead, she says, but wheat does, er, unfortunate things to my digestion) , 1 cup crunchy peanut butter (smooth is OK, crunchy is more interesting to eat), 1 egg, 1 cup warm water, 1 tablespoon honey. Mix all together to a firm dough. Roll or press out to about ½ cm/¼ inch, cut into cookies and bake on parchment at 175°C/350°F for 30-35 mins, or till brown and crisp and crunchy. Cool on a rack, and keep in an airtight container, or they go soggy.

I have to say, they disappeared satisfyingly fast, as did the cupcakes… Also, the Lagoon Café staff were very nice to let the humans bring their own food, but Mum had explained it was a Special Occasion, and they were good with it.

We were joined by Aunty Lyn and Miss Lotti, Aunty Erika and Miss Tiki, Uncle Aidan and Aunty Maddie with Miss Tilly, Aunty Sharon and Miss Bella, and Aunty Roslyn and River.  We discussed going to another venue next time as Uncle Aidan has a bigger car now, so both wolfhounds would be able to join us, so we may give Bucasia Beach another go, especially now it’s not so hot and the sand won’t burn our paws or give the Staffs heatstroke. I like a good run on the beach!

Once it was time for walkies, Bella and Tilly took their humans home and the rest of us strolled through the Botanic Gardens. We spotted a couple of other places where we could all meet up for a picnic if the occasion arises in the future. I must say, the idea of the snacking opportunities this represents does sound attractive…

Another enjoyable meet  up!

Mouse, out 🐾


14 thoughts on “Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday Mouse you are a very handsome six year old and have built up an impressive social circle.
    Mum says she’s sure your staff know but just to make sure the peanut butter doesn’t contain xylitol as some brands do and isn’t safe for doggos.
    Love Stan & Flo xx🐾🐾


    • Hello! Mum says the PNB is free of all nasties. I must say, the bickies are rather tasty! We’re also going to meet a new grey tomorrow called Mooka, and his mum Britt. Exciting! Sniffs and nose boops, Mouse 🐾

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    • Hi Roo! It was fun. The girls are as excitable as always (eye roll), but it’s lovely to have a get-together, and we’re meeting a new bloke tomorrow called Mooka, so hopefully I won’t be so outnumbered in future. Mouse 🐾

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      • Going Batty in Wales says:

        Excitable?!? Us girls?!? I am very calm and well behaved – but then I am middle aged now.


      • Hi Roo! No insult intended, but *these* girls are always much more excitable than the boys in the group… with the exception of Miss Tilly, who is just monumentally quiet – until Mum brought out the doggo bickies, and then it was all eyebrows perked up and nose straight in there. And speaking as a now-middle aged dog myself, nothing wrong with settling down a bit… Mouse 🐾

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  2. Marty K says:

    Mousiekins, I’d go for extending the celebration for an entire week — you deserve it! Wishing you lots of chicksicles in your future! 💜 Hope the new meet up went well and you’ll have a chap to banter with.


    • Hi, Aunty Marty! As today is my *actual* birthday, I seem to be getting a lot of PNB cookies, which is great! Also, Mum gave me extra ‘cheesoning’ on my food (a small sprinkle of grated cheese – Mum), which I really approve of.
      Me and Lotti are meeting Mooka this afternoon, as he couldn’t make it to my party, and the Staffs can chat and exchange notes about looking after Us. Aunty Britt sounds very nice on the phone, Mum says, and she’s looking forward to meeting her in person. Mouse 🐾


    • Hi Aunty Chippy! Yup, I like her too! She gives excellent ear scratches, the food is always up to the mark, she makes great treats, and if she’d just get on and take me for my walkies, I’d be entirely happy 😉

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    • Hi Aunty Dale! Thanks very much, I had a greyt day! I just polished off the last of the bickies this afternoon, and I think Mum feels another batch is called for, but we need peanut butter first as That Dad has made serious inroads into the jar and there isn’t enough any more… Mouse 🐾


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