Coffee Mornings, Meet the Members

New Friends #7

Hello people, Mouse here.

Well, Sunday was our latest Coffee Morning for the Happy Greys Social Club. Dad has an Opinion on whether the event should be re-named, (whether the Staff should actually have independent Opinions is a whole nother subject, of course…), but more on that later.

Miss Tilly is lounging under the table, in the middle, in case you’re looking for her. Big dogs CAN be unobtrusive.

In attendance were Miss Lotti and I, Miss Tiki, Miss Sunshine, and the Very Large Miss Tilly, she of the superb eyebrows. Aunty Rosslyn brought along a new Fur-riend, Miss Sunni, who is a golden spaniel, very sweet and pretty, but a bit lacking in the leg department, speaking as a Greyhound. So, as you can tell, I was the only doggo bloke. It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it.

Coffees were drunk, toast was munched (Lotti helped with that), puppaccinos were lapped up and treats were snarfed. Greys (and wolfhounds) snoozed or socialised. Staffs chatted. Mum said that as next month’s session is the First Anniversary of the Happy Greys Social Club, and also 2 days away from My Birthday, would people like cake? And of course they would. And the nice young ladies at the Lagoon Café were also fine with Mum bringing a cake along, so it’ll be a Happy Happy Greys Social Club & Mouse Birthday Party! I do trust there will be doggo treats as well as Staff cake (you betcha – Mum). I can’t quite believe we’ve been doing this for a whole year already, but it seems so.

Three Headless Hounds…

And then it was time for walkies. And this is where Dad thinks he’s Mr Funnypants. He thinks the event should have been renamed the ‘Headless Greys Social Club Coffee Morning’… I simply can’t believe the lack of respect! It’s an absolute Outrage.

Still, I suppose one must let the Lower Orders have their bit of fun. I shall rise above it all, so long as there are enough acceptable treats involved.

You may call it Bribery. I call it Tribute.


8 thoughts on “New Friends #7

  1. Going Batty in Wales says:

    That looks fun Mouse. The upside of Orchid disappearing – no she hasn’t come back yet – is that I have been going places with Mum much more. We went to a workday where I was the only dog so it was hard work supervising them all but lots of them admired me. And we went to see Mrs Snail in her shop. So now I really understand why you like the Social Club. In case I forget Happy Birthday mate. Roo


    • Hi Roo! Gosh, yes, humans simply don’t understand that supervisory duties can be quite taxing, but I’m glad you got a well-deserved dose of attention. I think we must accept that Orchid has Gone Ahead, otherwise she’d definitely have come back by now (females are like that). She’ll be waiting, undoubtedly somewhere comfy and in the sunshine. I’m glad you went to see Aunty Jan, her shop looks like an excellent place for a good sniff. The birthday’s next month, and to be honest, I hadn’t really thought about it. I’ll be 6, but Mum says I’m still a spring chicken. The very idea. Staff says the daftest stuff… Still, at least there will be decent treats, and carrot cake will have the virtue of stopping all that Staff chatter temporarily!

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    • Hi, Miss Cathy! You mean I get to choose presents myself? I hadn’t realised. Hehehe! Don’t tell the Staff you told me. That info should be good for an absolute motza of frozen chicken necks!


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